Batista in TNA

by Richard Penaluna

Dave Batista joins TNA. Is that really so impossible? Dave Batista arguably is the biggest “name” free agent on the market, and TNA love an ex-WWE guy, right? I know what you are thinking though – Dave is currently is training hard to enter into the MMA world….aged 43, an age that most fighters would consider to be the twilight of their career. But even if Dave is successful in the world of MMA, how many fights will he have a year? One? Two at the most? With TNA’s lighter-than-WWE schedule, is it not possible that Batista negotiates a ‘Sting contract’, only working select dates? And what about the fact that Batista has publically blamed the “brutal” PG WWE product for his reason for leaving the company? TNA have much less restriction, throwing around some casual swear words and still blading from time-to-time. The latter being something the Dave’s good friend, Ric Flair, took full advantage of in typical Flair style. Speaking of Flair, surely if the company isn’t below Slick Ric then it’s not below his pal Batista either? And here is my last bomb shell, what if Dave Batista is behind The Aces and Eights?

batista joing tna
WIll Batista join TNA?

Yes, I know that on the outset, this seems rather unlikely, but TNA have invested so much time and effort into promoting the Aces and Eight, as well as protecting the secret of their leader and members, that their fans are expecting a big surprise. After the debacle of the Main Event Mafia return, in January 2011, TNA surely have learned from their mistakes? For those that do not remember, two former MEM members that TNA management expected to be bringing back in, Booker T and Kevin Nash, decided to instead sign with WWE and returned at the Royal Rumble AFTER TNA had already promoted their return. If you had no decent banter you may even proclaim that this was a “fail” on the part of TNA….but I would never do such a thing. Bringing in Dave Batista would be a MASSIVE coup for TNA and could be compared only to the acquisition of Kurt Angle back in 2006. So, for some much needed “big surprise” factor, who bigger than Batista could TNA really bring in? Or who could they use from within the ranks? Let’s have a look….


John Morrison – Behind Batista, John is probably the 2nd “hottest free agent” on the market, and one that is still actively wrestling. Many expected Morrison to have debut in TNA already, but that has proved to not be the case. John would make a wonderful addition to TNA’s roster of young, highly talented in-ring performers, and could prove to have some great matches with the likes of AJ Styles, Samoa Joe and Austin Aries. The problem being the fact that John Morrison was never the strongest guy on the microphone, which is something the leader of a major faction must be. On top of this, as a singles performer, John’s style is too spot-heavy for him to get booked as the top heel in the company. The likelihood of TNA bringing on John Morrison in this position, for me, is very slim, however he may still be involved in the stable in some way.


Eric Bischoff – Eric has been off TV for some time but is still a major part of TNA’s creative team. On TV, he was run out-of-town by Hogan, so has a motive to come back and take out the hero and any other good guy on the roster. Eric’s glory days were as the leader of the NWO, and maybe this could be his last big angle on television. Albeit not a very exciting one for TNA fans.

Hulk Hogan – The opposite to a storyline with Bischoff at the helm, Hulk could possibly turn Heel for the 18th time, grow that black bit of beard back in, and run wild on the baby face roster. This option seems unlikely, given that the fans would most likely just not buy it, seeing it as a rehash of the Immortal angle.


Jeff Jarrett – Jeff has not worked on TV for months now, and rumour has it is involved in a massive power struggle backstage to try and regain some ‘stroke’ within the company that he was once an integral part of. This possible storyline would be laced with a heavy dose of reality – Jeff, the founder of TNA, sick of seeing all these other people running his and his dads company, coming to take back what is rightfully his, with the help of some friends. Don’t people say that all the best storylines stem from reality, “blurring the line”, “Suspending disbelief” and all that?


Bobby Rooooooo – Roode is the number one heel in the company. That alone stands him in good stead and makes him a logical choice. The build to revealing the leader of the Aces and Eights has been riddled with swerves, at one point suggesting heavily that Roode’s former drinking buddy James Storm was the leader. Roode had a lengthy run with the world title, maybe leading a hot new faction would make him the superstar that many have tipped him to become.


I just hope TNA have a plan and have known all along whom the “leader” of this new faction is to be. Worst case scenario was that TNA have run this angle with a plan to decide on the leader nearer the time. I guess only time will tell. Who do you think will be behind the Aces and Eights? And can you see Dave Batista joining the TNA ranks? Let us know.

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batista joining tna