Main Event Wrestling June 5th Show Review

On October 2nd the Calling Spots team will be setting up camp at one of the biggest shows in the North East as the region’s longest standing promotion – Main Event Wrestling – celebrate their tenth anniversary at Northumbria University. We are very excited to come chat wrestling, bring some magazines and maybe even give out some freebies to everybody who visits our stall. The MEW card is stacked (more on that later) so, much more importantly than coming down to see us, be sure to come down and see how good our lads and lasses are as thy mix it up with the best wrestlers in the UK.

newcastle wrestling

To whet your appetite, we sent our boy Neil ‘Local Hero’ Rogers to MEW’s most recent show and this is his review….


This was my fourth Main Event Wrestling experience and this time I brought along eight friends that could be best be described as “wrestling aware” rather than fans. Only one had been to an independent show before (he was my chauffeur to the last MEW show) and one hadn’t attended a wrestling show since Bret Hart wrestled Bam Bam Bigelow in Whitley Bay back at some point in the early 90s. I vouched for MEW and I was strangely nervous that A) my mates wouldn’t enjoy the show and B) more importantly, boisterous friends would do irreparable damage to the minds of the young children who would be in attendance to this family-friendly show. *SPOILER ALERT – everything ended OK*.


The show started with Prince Ameen tagging with his imposing bodyguard Jason “The Primate” Prime against Jainus Centurion and Loco Ryder, aka The Luchadorables, as well as their glove puppet wearing manager Jose Uno. Before the match Ameen called for a microphone and informed the crowd how confident he was that he would get the victory as Prime was the best bodyguard money could buy. Unfortunately for the pair this led to the crowd to start a “rent boy” chant. The match was a good back and forth affair until The Primate showed off his immense strength with a couple of impressive suplexes. However rather than allowing Prime to get the pinfall after spearing his opponent, Ameen ordered his bodyguard to inflict more punishment with his vicious spear to the other opponent. The heel team came unglued when Prime appeared to develop a conscience and refused to spear Jose Uno. Prime and Ameen appear to have wrestled their last bout as a team after they split after the bell. Nothing has been announced so far but I would expect the two to face off at an upcoming show.


Next up was the debuting ICW star Dickie Divers against MEW regular, and fan favourite, Adam Christ. Before the bell Divers entered a somewhat heated discussion with a fan in the front row over his choice of entrance music with the fan arguing that “Rocking All Over The World” by Status Quo did not fit with Divers’ bad guy persona. Personally, I agree with fan but don’t know if I’d have the audacity to say that to the menacing Scots’ face. The bout itself was entertaining with Divers using several underhand tactics to gain the upper hand until Christ got the surprise win with a schoolboy roll-up.


HT Drake faced Liam Lazarus next on the card. Lazarus drew a great response from the crowd when his entrance music hit. As I’m sure I have described before; Lazarus makes his way to the ring to 1998 classic “We Like To Party” by The Venga Boys, which my pals thought was absolutely awesome and definitely got on board the Lazabus. Unfortunately the Lazabus’ journey hit a speed bump when Drake showed that he had Lazarus well scouted when he attacked him early rather than be drawn into Lazarus’ fake-test-of-strength-into-dancing spot. As a massive fan of Lazarus I was disappointed that I denied the chance to see one of my favourite spots. Drake, who was wrestling as a solo competitor as his tag partner Dragon was suspended after his attack on Jose Uno at the previous show, was able to keep control for the majority of the match with a little help of his manager Mr D and his briefcase. In the end Lazarus was able to get the victory.

newcastle wrestling

Last up before the interval was the “4 way war” between MEW champion Assassin, former champ Dave Carbon (in what we prove to be his final showing for the promotion before hanging up his boots), Loco Ryder’s English cousin Robbie Ryder and Chris Diamond (who was accompanied to the ring by Mr Hollywood). I thoroughly enjoyed the contest, although it was a little disjointed due to the number of competitors in the ring at once. There was a moment towards the end when Carbon was thrown from the top rope and made contact with the ceiling, thankfully it was confirmed after the bout that he had not suffered any injury from the collision. Assassin won the match and retained his title, much to the delight of the audience.


The first match after the interval was “The Show Stealer” Nathan Cruz against former MEW champion AJ Anderson. The two put on a clinic in technical wrestling with hold after hold being applied then reversed in what was, for me, the match of the night. Unfortunately my feelings didn’t appear to have been shared by the rest of the crowd as they seemed to lose interest despite the stellar performance of the two super-talented performers in the ring. After speaking to some of my friends after the show I am still unsure whether the lack of interest was because they weren’t fans of that particular style or whether the match suffered because of its place on the card.

newcastle wrestling

The main event was the Tag Team title match between BT Gunn and Chris Renfrew of The New Age Kliq and the new team of Grado and Alex Kavero which I dubbed “Irn Top Knot” (copyright pending). I know I said Lazarus got a great reaction to his entrance but this was topped by Grado’s. On paper, the dynamic of this match seemed a little strange as NAK being MEW fan favourites, Kavero being heel and Grado being the facest of faces since a pre-racist-tirade Hulk Hogan told children to take their vitamins and drink their milk; in practice though the match made perfect sense. Early on Kavero hit Gunn with a couple of brutal open hand chops to the chest while he was in the corner. This proved to be a mistake shortly afterwards when Gunn hit the Ashington native with a couple of even stiffer chops that made almost the entire crowd gasp in a subconscious show of sympathy for “The Nightmare”. The rest of the match was also incredibly stiff and ended with The NAK retaining their MEW Tag Team championship in their first title defence. After the bout Kavero turned on his Irn Top Knot partner (copyright claim now rescinded) and the world’s first ever (probably) Bum Bag vs Top Knot match was arranged for MEW’s next show.


newcastle wrestling

After the show I asked each of my friends of their thoughts and each had positive things to say and as things stand at the moment all eight will be returning to the next show which is on Friday 2nd October at the Ellison Building of Northumbria University. The October show, titled Northern Bash 2015, will be MEW celebrating their tenth anniversary in what should be their largest show ever in a venue that holds approximately 700 people. MEW have already announced that many of the UK’s top stars will be appearing on the card and matches for the show will include:


Jackie Polo vs El Ligero vs Noam Dar vs Rampage Brown

Adam Christ vs Jack Jester

Lana Austin vs Kay Lee Ray

Grado vs Alex Kavero

The Drake & Dragon vs The New Age Kliq (for the MEW Tag Team titles)

A triple threat match for the MEW Heavyweight title pitting Assassin against former champions AJ Anderson and Dave Carbon, had been scheduled for the show but the recent retirement of Carbon has changed this.

Which competitor (or competitors) will replace Carbon is anyone’s guess as MEW management are yet to make a formal announcement. It is possible that the match goes ahead as a standard singles bout but the promotion’s social media pages have hinted that the announcement will be made soon



To get your tickets for the show you can contact MEW via their Facebook page or by calling 07973410170. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.


*Bonus if you would like to see details of MEW’s first card from 2nd October 2005 they can be found at and see if you can spot the grapplers now plying their trade in the WWE


All photos are used with thanks to Main Event Wrestling and remain their property.