Issue Guide

Issue 34 – Thank you Liger

    • Jushin Thunder Liger: Hero with a Demon’s Heart – Following his recent retirement at Wrestle Kingdom 14 J.J. McGee explores the incredible career of wrestling legend Jushin Thunder Liger
    • NXT: From Developmental system to WWE’s third brand – Luke Waskowski discusses the continued growth of NXT and how it has been firmly established as WWE’s third brand
    • The Re-emergence of Shoot-Style Pro-Wrestling – Andrew Morris makes his Calling Spots debut with a look at the history of ‘shoot-style’ wrestling and it’s recent resurgence with Game Changer Wrestling and TETSUJIN.
    • Figure Collecting: Scratching that itch – Carl Gac discusses the joy of figure collecting in the modern age
    • Wrestling Resurgence – Arthouse Wrestling brought to life – Cat Terry covers East Midlands based promotion Wrestling Resurgence who are creating waves with their own unique brand of professional wrestling

Issue 33 – The Fiend Issue

    • He Has The Whole World In His Hands – Wayne Madden takes an indepth look at Bray Wyatt’s evolution into The Fiend
    • British Wrestling Top 10 – Editor Neil Rogers and Carl Gac reveal who the people inside British Wrestling rank as the best wrestlers in the country
    • Black Belt to Black Swan – Cat Terry makes her Calling Spots debut discussing what makes Cara Noir the most captivating wrestling in the UK (if not the world) 
    • DDT: Thinking Outside The Squared Circle – J.J. McGee makes her return to our pages with a piece on Japanese promotion Dramatic Dream Team, aka DDT
    • Breed Wrestling, more than just Graps In A Cave – Carl Gac covers Breed Wrestling and discusses how the Sheffield based companies are one of British Wrestling’s hidden gems

Issue 32 – The Sick Issue

    • Rory Coyle – The Last True Sick Boy– Wayne Madden explores one of the most captivating stars of British Wrestling ‘The Demon of the NORTH’ Rory Coyle
    • RSP: Blood, Sweat and Tears– Lewis Hanson, aka Hairy Wrestling, speaks to Rickey Shane Page about his recent UK tour, intergender wrestling and of course DEATHMATCHES
    • WWE: Developing into a New Age– Zöe Miskelly looks at how WWE programming is evolving as they face new competition from AEW.
    • Lucky Kid: The 16 Carat Kid– Hairy Wrestling sat down with Lucky Kid at NORTH Wrestling and discusses how he is one of the breakout stars of 2019.
    • A-Kid: Enter the Wolf’s Den– Hairy Wrestling talks to one half of Team White Wolf and chats about everything from wrestling to Real Madrid to YU-GI-OH! cards
    • wXw Tag Team Wrestling done right– Jenna McDougall once again looks at wXw and discusses their upcoming Tag Festival in October

Issue 31 – The One With Two covers

    • A Champion for a New Day– Zoë Miskelly looks at how Kofi Kingston became arguably the most deserving WWE Champion of all time.
    • All Elite: All Welcoming– Lewis Hanson (aka The Hairy Wrestling Fan) examines the All Elite Wrestling roster and discussed how AEW have constructed the most diverse and inclusive rosters around.
    • The Man behind the Bullingdon Boy – James Musselwhite of Portrait of a Wrestler returns to our pages with an interview with one of best heels the UK has to offer, Spike Trivet.
    • Biting the Bullet with ELP – Lewis Hanson sits down with El Phantasmo and discusses his journey in wrestling so far.
    • The New Daniel Bryan– Newcomer Luke Waskowski looks at the evolution of the Daniel Bryan as he has transformed himself from the most popular Superstar in WWE to their biggest anti-hero.
    • RISE: Underground Pro Wrestling: The maddest night out in wrestling– Writer and photographer Carl Gac discusses RISE and how they have become one of the most unique wrestling experiences in Britain.

Issue 30 – ‘The Man’ Becky Lynch

  • This is The Man’s World – The Hairy Wrestling fan looks at how Becky Lynch has not only become a phenomenon but also the the undisputed man when it comes to WWE.
  • WOS Review – Zoë Miskelly returns to our pages as she gives an unbiased review of ITV’s WOS Wrestling and explains why the promotion deserves far more credit that it receives.
  • The Light Heavyweight Division Retrospective – Wayne Madden, of the Spanish Announce Table Podcast, makes his Calling Spots debut looking back at one of the forgotten aspects of the Monday Night Wars, WWE’s answer to the Cruiserweight Division, the Light Heavyweight championship.
  • Oh Zack Sabre Junior… – ZSJ had a hell of a 2018 and his 2019 has started with a bang. Lewis Hanson chronicles what makes the Brit one of the very best.
  • WXW’s Women’s Division – Jenna McDougal explores at one of the strongest women’s division on the planet and explains why it us amongst the very best.
  • Interview with Benji – editor Neil Rogers sits down with one of the rising stars if the Northeast scene Benji and discuss his huge 2018 and how he plans to build on that in the future.

Issue 29 – British Strong Style

  • British Strong Style – Paige Brearley returns to our pages and writes why she loves Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate and Trent Seven.
  • An interview with the Freaky Princess – Editor Neil Rogers chats to Welsh wrestling starlet Sierra Loxton.
  • Braaaaaauuuuuunnnnn – The Hairy Wrestling Fan Lewis Hanson writes about ‘The Monster Among Men’ Braun Strowman and his rise to the top of WWE.
  • PROGRESS Wrestling – Harry Sherlock makes his Calling Spots debut by covering PROGRESS Wrestling and what sets them apart from other wrestling promotions.
  • A look behind the Wembley Looking Glass – Portrait of a Wrestler’s James Musselwhite shares some exclusive photos from PROGRESS’ historic ‘Hello Wembley’ event.
  • Interview with LAX – Lewis Hanson sits down with Impact Wrestling’s Santana and Ortiz and talks about their wrestling journey.

Issue 28 – The One With The Kenny Omega Cover

  • Kenny Omega: Change the World – J.J.McGee writes about Kenny Omega and helps shine a light on how he has reached the top of the Wrestling world.
  • Masculinity in the 21st Century – Lewis Hanson from speak to openly gay wrestler Parrow and the ‘Pansexual Phenomenon’ Jack Sexsmith to explores the concept of manliness in professional wrestling and how it has changed over recent years.
  • An American Wolf in Newcastle – We sit down with Kris Wolf and talk about her beginnings in wrestling, the origins of her wolf moniker and butts.
  • NORTH Wrestling NCL – New addition to the Calling Spots team Zoë Miskelly looks at the Northeast promotion that is starting to gain eyes from around the globe.
  • We Chat to Jonny Storm – Editor Neil Rogers sits down with British Wrestling legend ‘The Wonderkid’ Jonny Storm.
  • How BritWres Stole My Heart– American fan Paige Brearley explains how she fell in love with BritWres.
  • An interview with Omari – Jenna MacDougall interviews rising star Omari about his career so far.

Issue 27 – The Best Boy Issue

  • A Love Letter to CCK – CCK superfan Jenna MacDougall tells us why she just really, really likes CCK
  • ‘The Greatest Man That Ever Lived’ speaks – Editor Neil Rogers caught up with the ‘Belt Collector’ Austin Aries ahead of Impact Wrestling Redemption
  • An Interview With a Legend – Neil Rogers chats to British Wrestling icon Jody Fleisch
  • The Kid Fite Corner – ICW wrestler, PBW owner, Scottish Wrestling legend AND our newest contributor Kid Fite answers your questions.
  • The Hottest Ticket in Town – Louisa Rogers looks at Riptide Wrestling and examines what makes the Brighton based promotion stand out on a crowded British scene
  • The Women’s Revolution – James Musselwhite returns to Calling Spots as he interviews three high profile women with different roles in British Wrestling and gets their takes on the much discussed ‘Women’s Revolution’ and how it affects the women working in the UK.

Issue 26 – The Session Moth Issue

  • Can you handle the sesh? – Neil Rogers looks at the what sets Martina apart from her peers and why 2017 was ‘The Year of the Moth’
  • Support your local girl gang – Louisa Rogers makes her Calling Spots debut with a piece covering the women of British wrestling with a strong focus on the great work being done at Pro Wrestling EVE.
  • A Brit abroad – Darren Wood talks to British wrestling legend, Johnny Moss, about his new role at WWE’s Performance Center
  • Suplex Millie – Jenna MacDougall chats to teenage wrestling sensation about her young career.
  • Kid Fite Corner – Kid Fite introduces himself in what is the first of him new reoccurring feature.
  • Speedball Wizard – Fraser Porter shoots the breeze with Canada’s Mike Bailey.

Issue 25 – The Best Of An Era

  • The CS25 – You voted, we listened. Matt Squires presents the best 25 wrestlers of the Calling Spots Era as voted for by you.
  • The ATTACK! Pack Takeover – New writer Jenna McDougall makes her debut to Calling Spots as she describes the “weird and wonderful” world of ATTACK! Pro Wrestling.
  • A Kiwi in Britain – Neil Rogers catches up with ‘The Kiwi Buzzsaw’ Travis Banks about his recent trip to Pro Wrestling Guerilla’s Battle of Los Angeles and asks what it means to him to be the PROGRESS world champion.
  • Will Ospreay talks Australian wrestling scene – Owner and promoter of Australia’s MCW, Mikey Jay, covers their recent shows and sits down with ‘Ariel Assassin’ Will Ospreay who talks about what brought him down under.

Issue 24 – The Grass Isn’t Always Greener

  • Should I stay or should I go – Martin Smith looks at successful NXT stars and examines why they have seemingly floundered on WWE’s main roster.
  • The Chosen Ones – Erik Beaston takes a look at the difference in philosophies from Vince McMahon and Triple H and how a mixed view on WWE might be harming its product
  • Kid Fite and his legacy – Neil Rogers chronicles the career of Scottish wrestling legend Kid Fite and examines the mark he has left (and is still leaving) on British wrestling
  • Well Well Well – We grab a quick chat with ECW legend Joel Gertner.

Issue 23 – There’s a Little Villain In All Of Us

  • Marty Scurll – New Editor, Darren Wood, sits down with ‘The Villain’ and talks about his journey to the top of the wrestling Mountain.
  • Portrait of Big Damo pt 2 – The second part of James Musselwhite’s interview with the man now known as Killian Dain.
  • The Calling Spots Championship Tournament – Neil Rogers tells the story of how our shiny promotional belt became a legitimate championship that has already been competed for in five different promotions
  • What’s in a name – Tim Ricketts looks into the history of ring names.
  • What Has Happened to Paige – Martin Smith examines what has happened to Paige’s career and discusses what he believes will be next for the ‘anti-diva’.

Issue 22 – WrestleMania XXXII Review

  • My WrestleMania Moments – Stewart Brookes of the New Generation Project Podcasts takes us on his journey to the granddaddy of them all, as he takes in the sights and sounds of Dallas Texas.
  • Portrait of Big Damo – James Musselwhite’s stellar Portrait of a Wrestler series continues with a sit-down interview and photoshoot with the Beast of Belfast and one of NXT’s newest aquisitions
  • Has The Rock Lost His Electricity – An analytical view of what Hollywood’s highest paid actor brings to the world of professional wrestling in 2016.
  • Injuries in Pro Wrestling – From the bottom of the sport to the top, injuries can be devastating to the people behind the in-ring persona. We speak to performers about
  • Culture Shock –New to the team, Paige Vose chronicles the rise and rise of WCPW – the UK wrestling promotion that is grabbing the attention of the entire world of professional wrestling.

Issue 21 – Thank You Daniel Bryan!

  • Thank You Bryan – Stewart Brookes fondly recalls his favourite memories of the American Dragon in the wake of his premature retirement from the ring.
  • The Curious Case of Bray Wyatt – Where did the mystique go? Martin Smith investigates why WWE never followed the buzzards.
  • What About Me?! What about Raven?! – We look back at the career of a man with one of the greatest minds for the wrestling business of all time; Raven.
  • Revolution Pro Wrestling pt 2 – Revolution Pro promoter Andy Quildan talks us through his favourite four wrestlers to work with today!
  • Navigating Kayfabe – In today’s “Reality Era”, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to separate the performances from the characters. But is that even what WWE wants?
  • The End of the Renaissance – Sean O’Brien joins the Calling Spots team to talk New Japan Pro Wrestling. With the likes of AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura pivotal in the promotion’s resurgence, what will key departures means for New Japan moving forward?

Issue 20 – Lucha! Lucha! Lucha!

  • Return to Boyle Heights – With season two of Lucha Underground underway, Stewart Brookes takes a trip to The Temple to see what super-natural shenanigans are in store.
  • Arial Assassin – Just when we thought 2015 was the year of the Ospreay, the British hot-shot looks set for a massive 2016 and is scheduled to join New Japan Pro Wrestling in April.
  • In Defence of Eva Marie – Scarlett Harris isn’t leaping to Eva’s defence, merely investigating if she has been given a fair crack of the whip from both WWE and its fans.
  • Revolution Pro Wrestling – Portrait of a Wrestler continues with a photo shoot and sit-down interview with the owner and promoter of Revolution Pro Wrestling – Andy Quildan.
  • The Man in the Silver Mask – Arguably the most important Mexican wrestler of all time; we look at the life and times of El Santo..

Issue 19 – Like a Boss

  • BOSS: The Beginning and End of an Era – Scarlett Harris returns to Calling Spots to dissect the NXT legacy that Sasha Banks is leaving behind and what lies ahead as she plays her part in the Divas’ Revolution.
  • Tales from the Writers’ Room – We sit down with some ex-WWE writers to learn of the many challenges faced working directly for a billionaire and commuting by private jet to Titan Towers.
  • Villains – Baddies might have gone a bit soft over in the US, but here in the UK, many are still absolutely evil. Martin Smith profiles some of our shores’ most nefarious bad guys.
  • WCW Monday Nitro: The Early Years – Stewart Brookes of the New Generation Project Podcast takes an analytical look back, some 20 years on, to the formative years to what remains to have been WWE’s only ever real competition.
  • Blue Pants – Portrait of a Wrestler’s James Musselwhite sits down with Leva Bates for a heart-warming interview and captivating photo shoot.

Issue 18 – Real Rock’n’Rolla

  • The Real Rock’N’Rolla – In our cover article, Martin Smith reflects back on the former Prince’s first year in NXT as well as the hole he left behind, both in the UK and the land of the rising sun.
  • Robbie E – James Musselwhite’s fantastic series of fascinating, sit-down interviews and captivating photography continues as Robbie E joins the Portrait of a Wrestler ranks.
  • Queer New Day – Scarlett Harris makes her Calling Spots debut in style as she examines The New Day’s challenging of masculinity and black stereotypes in professional wrestling.
  • The Master and Ruler of the World – Matt Hardy discussed the legacy left behind by Sycho Sid. Is it fair that his broken leg and a few rubbish promos are his most remembered moments?
  • Suck it, suck it, suck it – Having only been a fan of the genre for one year, Jo Graham was long overdue a Superkick Party; so she took up an assignment to learn about the polarising Young Bucks. Plus, the ever talented Zia Hiltey – of Cheap Shot magazine – provides some absolutely beautiful photography for the piece and the issue overall.
  • Survivor Series 1996 – Stewart Brookes of the New Generation Project Podcast brings his analytical style and dry wit to run down a show that was somewhat of a genesis for the transition between New Generation and Attitude.

Issue 17 – #We’reWithSpud

  • Spud – Our cover story features our most compelling sit-down interview to-date, with Impact Wrestling’s Rockstar Spud, as he gives us an exclusive and fascinating insight into the inner-workings of character development and becoming an attraction.
  • The Dream – New to the Calling Spots team, Lily Lestrange pens an emotional tribute to Dusty Rhodes, accompanied by artwork from Erle Tomkins.
  • Being Geeze – They may not have been voted onto our front cover of issue 16, but that didn’t stop us jumping on the Geeze Train as Tom Irvin and Sebastian tell us what it really means to be ‘GEEZE’ during our sit-down interview and wild photoshoot after PROGRESS Chapter 20.
  • The History of the Professional Wresting T-Shirt – A reflective look back at the initial rise of the professional wrestling t-shirt and its evolution to being the money-making juggernaut it is today, both in WWE as well as many indy tee companies, as told by WWE merchandisers and the owners of the breakout companies.
  • The Beast of Belfast – Big Damo is a professional wrestler who has made an enormous physical transformation to become one of the hottest properties in British wrestling.
  • What Wrestling Can Be – From NJPW’s sport to WWE’s entertainment, professional wrestling manifests itself beautifully in thousands of different ways across the world. New Generation Project Podcast’s Stewart Brookes takes an analytical look at the successes of some of the main innovators and what the big companies can learn from this.
  • Eat, Sleep, Friendship, Repeat – We look at the unique relationship between Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar.

Issue 16 – Made in the UK

  • Don’t call it a comeback – We look at the fascination with comparing the current British wrestling circuit with the World of Sport days.
  • East End Butcher – James Musselwhite’s wonderful Portrait of a Wrestler photography and interview series continues with Sha Samuels.
  • The Perils of Improvement – Attitude Era Podcast and How2Wrestling Podcast host Kefin Mahon muses over wrestlers who were the shits but then actually tried to get better at the old wrestling.
  • Top 10 Hunks in wrestling – No description needed as Jo Graham assess the important things in the business.
  • The Art of Professional Wrestling Commentary – In a truly insightful piece, Calling Spots talked to some of the most prominent and skilled wrestling commentators from around the world to find out what it take to be a great announcer.
  • The Summer of ’96 – New Generation Project Podcast’s Stewart Brookes takes an analytical journey back to the summer of 1996 to reflect on the impact of two event that were merely two weeks apart – Hulk Hogan joining the nWo and Austin declaring “3:16 means I just whipped your ass” at the King of the Ring – on the wrestling landscape of yesteryear.

Issue 15 – The King of Strong Style

  • Aside from the NJPW cover article, inside you will find…
  • Portrait of a….Referee – James Musselwhite’s amazing portrait and interview series continues, this time with the face of British refereeing; Chris Roberts.
  • World Champion – Our man north of the border looks at Drew Galloway’s world domination since he left WWE.
  • My First WrestleMania – On the back of overwhelmingly positive feedback to her debut article, relatively-new wrestling fan Joanna Graham is back to tell us all about her first experience watching WrestleMania. Joining her, Deano Peppers succeeded in creating a piece of art that captures the entirety of WrestleMania 31 in one image. You need to see this.
  • The Best Wrestling Company in the World – Stewart of the New Generation Podcast takes a deep-dive into the world of Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, to see if they live up to the hype surrounding the long-standing promotion.
  • Thank You AJ – Matt Hardy reflects back on AJ Lee’s legacy as she follows her husband out of New York. To celebrate the career of AJ, we also welcome the amazingly talented ElowMoJo who has designed a commemorative piece of artwork for the piece.

Issue 14 – The Showstopper

  • We reflect back on Shawn Michael’s attitude and accomplishments during the 90s, including both his dazzling in-ring work and him being a bit naughty along the way.
  • Exclusive interview with RoH and NJPW star Rocky Romero.
  • Wrestling News Source’s Lee Jordan muses over whether there is some Great White hope for Sheamus ahead of his big return.
  • Attitude Era Podcast – Kefin joins us for his usual column, this issue weighing in with some thoughts on the late and controversial Andy Kaufman.
  • Lucha Underground – We speak to the Executive and Co-Executive producers for an behind the curtain look at what looks to be America’s new number two wrestling promotion. In this truly fascinating piece, both Chris DeJoseph and Eric Van Wagenen give some real insight into their vision and strategy for a company which appears to be heading straight for the #2 position in the American wrestling landscape.
  • Martin Smith of Snapmare Necks asks us all to #GIVEWRESTLINGACHANCE instead of simply coming up with hashtags about female wrestlers.

Issue 13 – A Phenomenal Magazine

  • The cover story of our issue looks at the phenomenal year AJ Styles has had, both in Japan and on the indies.
  • Making an Impact – Our exclusive interview with Mark Andrews before he jets over to TNA.
  • The Attitude Era Podcast – Kefin Mahon weighs in on the WWE commentary team.
  • Relationships (Don’t be a weirdo) – Martin Smith of Snapmare Necks takes a look at the different ways in which some wrestling fans attempt to strike up relationships with their heroes.
  • Hall of Fame 2015 – For the second consecutive year, hundreds of our readers have voted to honour people from the world of wrestling for their contributions to both British wrestling and professional wrestling as a whole. See who has been inducted in this issue.
  • Kevin Owens – Stewart Brookes of the New Generation Podcast takes a look at the man who told Powerslam in 2011 “WWE has shown no interest at all. But why would they be interested when I am the complete opposite of what they look for in a wrestler?”
  • Plus WWE and UK DVD reviews, photography from Portrait of a Wrestlers and much more.

Issue 12 – A pretty front Paige

    • The Beautiful Game – Ladies in wrestling are brilliant. Let us tell you exactly why.
    • Exclusive Bret Hart Interview – Stewart Brookes of The New Generation Project Podcast catches up with Bret for a chinwag during his recent UK tour.
    • Hastily Hated Helmsley Part 2 – Part two of our career retrospect of The Game – Triple H.
    • All American Time Grapplers – Join Lex Luger and Bob Backlund as they travel through time in the Lex Express.
    • The year 1995 in WWF – 365 days of golden sports entertainment!
    • Ambrose & Rollins – The feud of the Summer (and Autumn) by’s Lee Jordan.
    • Jimmy Fucking Havoc Part 2 – We finish up our interview and photo shoot with the worst bloke in Britain thanks to Portrait of a Wrestler.
  • ICW Fear and Loathing VII – Martin Smith of Snapmare Necks takes a very Scottish look at the biggest wrestling show to take place in his home country for many, many years.

Issue 11 – The NXT one

  • The Future is Now – Why NXT is giving WWE a bright future, today.
  • Jimmy Fucking Havoc – Part one of our in-depth interview with the UK’s most nefarious bad guy.
  • No Gimmicks Needed – We look at the legacy Power Slam has left behind and catch up with it’s editor Fin Martin.
  • Hastily Hated Helmsley – Part one of our career retrospective of The Game.
  • (Don’t) Believe the Hype – Our resident Japanese aficionado tells us why so many wrestling fans support the Bullet Club.
  • Rebellion 1999 – A look back at the UK-only PPV 15 years on.
  • It’s Party Time – We are delighted to announce that TNA British Boot Camp star and one of the UK’s finest wrestlers ‘Party’ Marty Scurll has joined our writing team to tell us about his must unusual experiences as a pro wrestler.

Issue 10 – The one with Kane on the front

  • The Big Red Surprise – Why Kane has stood the test of time in WWE.
  • Inspirations – In our exclusive interview and photo shoot with one of the UK’s hottest stars, ‘Party’ Marty Scurll gives an insider opinion on how Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart inspired a generation!
  • Insane Championship Wrestling – Our team attend ‘Jimmy Nail’s Revenge’ and get the lowdown on the company often dubbed as the “best” in the country.
  • The Attitude Era Podcast – Channel 4 life; a look at WWE and Channel 4’s flash romance of the year 2000.
  • Our third crossword – Since everybody loves them.
  • The face of DragonGate – A look at Masaaki Mochizuki and why we believe he is one of the best in the world today.

Issue 9 – Our first GLOSSY magazine!

  • The WrestleMania Edition – We have loads of content from the greatest Mania of all time, the worst of all time, and this year’s ‘Showcase of the Immortals’.
  • DDP vs Botchamania – In our EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW, Maffew talks to DDP about such topics as Nandos and DDP’s goal to win an Oscar (really).
  • Remember when we asked ‘would you pay more for our ‘zine if it was glossy and had some colour?’ – Well, we have went glossy, added a colour cover and REDUCED OUR PRICE. That’s right, issue 9 only costs £1.99 (plus postage).
  • Was the Attitude Era better without HBK?
  • Big Bossman’s historic feud with Big Show.

Issue 8 – The one with the snide FIFA 14 front cover

  • The Calling Spots Hall of Fame 2014 inductions – See who you, our amazing readers, have voted in to this not-too-prestigious club. Three men will enter, with a special article dedicated to each
  • Exclusive Kris Travis exclusive interview – We catch up with the UK’s hottest property
  • The Attitude Era Podcast – “Oh shit, its Vince Russo”
  • Two pound wrestling – Can great wrestling be found at such a low cost? The worst match in DragonGate history.
  • Violet Vendetta exclusive interview and pull-out poster – Get to know THE wrestling pin-up girl.
  • Our second wrestling crossword – since the first one was amazing.

Issue 7 – The Championship Edition

  • The Championship Edition
  • The UK’s hottest young journalists join the Calling Spots round table to discuss championships in pro wrestling
  • Former TNA World Champion Bobby Roode talks to Calling Spots
  • What if Tank Abbot actually won the WCW World Championship
  • ECW Heat Wave 98 revisited
  • The Attitude Era Podcast’s debut article
  • Exclusive interview with Billy Kirkwood
  • Exclusive Carrie Dunn Artilcle

Issue 6 – It’s Pink and has Lance Storm on the front cover

  • Exclusive interviews with WWE and ECW alumni Lance Storm and Jerry Lynn
  • The Aristocrats…a look back at some of the facts from Montreal
  • An introduction to the North East’s hottest promotion RAD:PRO
  • “What if Kurt Angle never won a gold medal”
  • The life of a wrestling photographer – just hanging out with Scott Steiner
  • Our illustrated guide to the top 15 pro wrestling t-shirts of all time (this article is worth the £2 cover price alone…seriously)
  • Interviews with female British sensation Kay Lee Ray and Mr Bellding from Saved by the Bell (yes really)
  • A look at WrestleCon – the other side of WrestleMania weekend
  • A fiendishly difficult quiz of quotes from the wrestling history books

Issue 5 – The one with our first HUGE interview

  • Our exclusive interview with TNA star Christopher Daniels
  • A look at the extreme lengths wrestlers have gone to protect the business
  • Our round table discussion about the DragonGate UK tour
  • We have a chat with ROH World Champion Kevin Steen before he visits the UK
  • 14 signs that you are obsessed with wrestling
  • A fantastic quiz on Ric Flair in memory of his son Reid

Issue 4 – We’re starting to get the hang of this now…

  • Our exclusive interview with 5x NWA World Champion – Adam Pearce
  • A look at how wrestling is presented on TV and why
  • A chat in a corridor with UK star Martin Kirby about blood in pro wrestling
  • The diary of a wrestling fan
  • An A-Z of all things WCW
  • The final part of our epic top 10 most anticipated WrestleMania matches
  • An unreal wrestling crossword

Issue 3 – A festive edition of the ‘zine

  • A 12 page Christmas comic of Vince trying to steal Christmas
  • nWo Stuff – because when all else fails, bring back the nWo
  • A sit down chat with Maffew of Botchamania
  • DragonGate:UK 2013 tour preview
  • Working WWE style
  • Who is your daddy and what does he do? – A look at WWE’s target audience and building for the future

Issue 2 – The one with the first arty cover

  • Exclusive Gabe Sapolsky interview
  • Shit wrestling is shit – A look into at the gulf between the best and the worst shows
  • IPW:UK Revolution – A weird article that is 1/3 show review, 1/3 DVD review and 1/3 about the writer and his mate pissing about in London
  • The evolution of the cage match
  • An exclusive interview with Mad Man Manson – our favourite interview of all time, Manson REALLY got into the obscure theme of our fanzine and produced an absolute magic interview
  • Top 10 most ANTICIPATED WrestleMania matches part 2
  • A ‘Page 3’ model getting her kit off in the style of ‘the best in the world’

Issue 1 – The issue that started it all

  • The infamous debut of the “Mark Henry Sweating Scenarios” comic strip
  • A collaboration with the UK’s freshest promotion – Progress Wrestling
  • A sit down chat with the UK’s next big thing – Noam Dar
  • Want to perfect “Classic Wrestling Holds” in the comfort of your own home? We have a centre page spread that will help you become the next Dean Malenko
  • Wrestling poetry…..yes that’s right, poetry
  • John Cena, is he the most important man in wrestling?
  • Vampiro, a Canadian vampire in Mexico
  • Top 10 most anticipated WrestleMania matches part 1