Viper interview, Friday 24th March 2017

All photos were taken from Viper’s Twitter @missviper91

Fresh from the announcement that ITV’s World of Sport will be returning to the UK’s screens for a ten part series that will be filmed in May 2017, we spoke to ‘The Babe of Brutality, The Vixen of Violence’ Viper…

Neil Rogers – This morning I woke up and had an email from ITV saying World Of Sport was are coming back, do you know yet if you are part of the roster?

Viper – I’m on the posters so I believe so.

NR – Just checking *laughs* I things happen with posters sometimes! I saw a company talking about selling out a show without announcing anyone but they had a poster with six or seven wrestlers on it. I was like “surely that counts as an announcement”. Then again I think I shared with you a really dodgy looking charity show where they had put Alex Shelly on the poster and when someone asked them if he was going to be there they didn’t know who Alex Shelley was and said they had just Googled a wrestler.

V – Oh no! I remember that!

NR – Anyway, what was World Of Sport like? I spoke to Klondyke Kate afterwards and she said she was a massive fan of yours but she had never met you before.

V – Ah she made me so happy, coming up in training a lot of people would say to me that I was quite like Kate and she would like what I was doing.

NR – I think she told me that she didn’t really see the comparison because you are so much more attractive than her and are a better wrestler than she was. She said she was just a big person who could throw them around and shout at the crowd. She says she has managed to do 30 some years mostly on shouting abuse.

V – That’s what’s absolute genius, if you can have absolute gold out of doing nothing, that’s what makes a wrestler genius in my eyes. It made me really happy because I knew that I really wanted to make her proud and after my match I looked over to where she was sitting and not only was she smiling in her face, she was leaning over the barrier, standing up, screaming and cheering, it made me so chuffed to see that I had done her proud.

NR – There was a problem with the Fear & Loathing IX broadcast but she was able to watch your match on Facebook live and she said that’s the best female wrestling match she has ever seen.

V – Oh it makes me so chuffed to know that we are doing her proud, I know especially Kay Lee Ray spent a lot of time with her doing the camps so it’s special for the both of us to feel not that we are following in her footsteps but carrying on from where she started off. She is a pioneer for female wrestling and we have to keep that good name going.

NR – Have you wrestled her daughter, Connie Steele, before?

V – No, she kinda started originally before me, then I think she had a wee injury that set her back for a wee while and she had some time off when she had her son, I think she’s more getting back into it now so hopefully we bump into each other at some point.

NR – You have wrestled infront of 6200 people at Fear & Loathing wrestling and you have wrestled infront of massive crowds in Japan. How does that compare fo wrestling in a more intimate atmosphere like this tonight?

V – It is definitely different but different doesn’t mean bad, everywhere you go has a different atmosphere, I love social clubs because it’s more intimate.

NR – Can you have more fun.

V – Yeah, it’s so much easier to reach individual people here than when you are wrestling in front of 6000 people. In front of that many people is absolutely amazing, don’t get me wrong but I love coming to smaller venues and knowing that high fiving a wee girl or boy might make their night, I love stuff like that I know it sounds dead cheesy but it gives you a chance to be more interactive with your crowd.

NR – Do you know who you are wrestling tonight?

VLittle Miss Roxxy.

NR – Have you wrestled her before?

V – Just the once briefly at WhatCulture.

NR – I was over the moon to see you make your debut for them… even though you did squish Nixon Newell who is one of my favourites.

V*Laughs* I’m sorry!

NR – It’s fine, I’ll forgive you. Are you enjoying working with What Culture?

V – Oh yeah totally, they are a really cool bunch of lads, they have been like come in, destroy the place, have fun.

NR – Is there any conflict between working with WhatCulture and ITV, on World Of Sport?

V – I don’t know yet, I don’t imagine there to be.

NR – I know there are a load of people who have wrestled for both but now with it being a recurring thing I wasn’t sure if anything had changed?

V – Yeah, for the moment everything seems fine.

NR – When I last spoke to you (in April 2016) you had just returned from a tour of Japan. I know from social media that you were on another tour not too long ago. How was that?

V – Last tour was my third tour now and I was with the best bunch of people I could ever ask for.

NR – Who is the best bunch of people you could ever ask for?

V – Originally at the start it was me, Kay Lee Ray, Nixon Newell and Shayna Baszler, she was absolutely hilarious and then we got Deonna Purrazzo and Christi Jaynes who had just come out and then Toni Storm so it was kinda different combinations of people and honestly it was hilarious, the best time I had ever had. It was like going on a lads holiday but in Japan.

Viper took in Wrestle Kingdom at the Tokyo Dome with Kay Lee Ray, Nixon Newell and Shayna Baszler

NR – You went to theme parks was it?

V – What happens is every year in Stardom for their anniversary show the boss takes all the roster on holiday for a couple of days. I think if there is a smaller group they go a bit further away but the past two times he has taken us to really great places. This was a place called the Hawaiians resort, it’s this big massive hotel resort in the mountains with a spa and hot springs, all that stuff and they make out like you are in Hawaii with palm trees everywhere and the flower garlands so that was really cool. The time before that he took us to a place called Fuji-Q which is a big theme park, roller coasters based around mount Fuji. It’s got one of the highest rides, one of the steepest rides, I love them but I pure scream my head off! I really enjoy myself but I am terrified I am going to die. Obviously I am a really big woman in Japan, tall and big and everything, the boss managed to put the fear of God in me. I was already a wee bit apprehensive, I like the locals but I am always a wee bit scared. He goes [in an immaculate Japanese accent] “oh maybe rollercoaster problem”, I was like why is that a problem? He goes “hmmm Japan people very small, Viper big lady, maybe seatbelts no work” and I lost it! So I was on every ride scared that my seatbelt was going to fail and I was going to die.

NR – That’s a nightmare of mine *laughs*. Well thank you for your time Viper, good luck with your match tonight.

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