Simon Miller Interview

On the 12th October we were lucky enough to attend one of the most unique wrestling shows to have ever taken place (that’s not hyperbole) when we attempted Breed Wrestling’s Starrcave event at Peak Cavern in Castleton, aka GRAPS IN A CAVE.

On that evening,stood outside the entrance to ‘The Devil’s Arse’ we were fortunate enough to grab a quick chat with YouTube star turned professional wrestler Simon Miller.

Calling Spots: Hi Simon. It’s nice to catch up with you since the last time I saw you at the final Defiant show. On that night you had an ‘Ups and Downs’ match with Nathan Cruz, the rules were a bit different but then once the match got started it was great. Watching you chase him for two minutes and the frustration it was incredible, not just the wrestling, the selling of it.

Simon Miller: Thank you man! I appreciate that, we wanted to do a story, in Defiant everyone else was doing “indie matches” so we thought we have a silly stipulation which we both enjoyed but we both thought lets get some story out of it and some old wrasslin stuff in there. I enjoyed it, it sucked to lose my own match, what a nerd I am, it was a shame because it felt like there was a story open there as opposed to a book closing but hey that’s life and Defiant closed it’s doors, they seemed to be happy and that’s the main thing.

CS: As a wrestling fan in Newcastle, hopefully it comes back.

SM:You never know, six months, a year anything can happen in wrestling.

CS:I always thought Defiant may have more success if it toured mofe frequestly like it did in the WCPW days. There’s a lot of promotions in Newcastle already.

SM:That’s how it pans out, that’s not just a Defiant problem, that’s an entertainment problem.

CS:With the tapings of four or five hours a month for their tapings, it was a lot to sit through even for the biggest fans in attendance.

SM:I think that’s fair and I think they were just trying to make it as cost effective as possible, that’s really different but that’s the hardest thing in running a promotion, how do we make this financially viable. It was fun while it lasted and I’ll never be able to thank them enough, if it ever came back I would be the first person to put my hand up and say hey man, I’ll be back, if they wanted to have me of course.

CS:I’m sure they would be. I’ve seen you wrestle for Discovery, what’s it like up there? I’ve heard very good things.

SM:It was awesome, I like working up there, they let me be heel, I don’t want to break kayfabe too much but they are an incredibly well run promotion, the guy who runs it couldn’t be a nicer guy and more organised and the locker room is super friendly too. The fans are great, their stories they know everybody, they react, they are loud. It’s a wonderful place to go and if nothing else getting to wrestle up in Scotland is not a bad thing what so ever.

CS:Who have you wrestled up there?

SM:I had two appearances but for one my arm didn’t work but bless their heart they just let me do an appearance. I took on Lou King Sharpe the second time around and his posse. 

CS:Was Krieger involved in that?

SM:Yeah Krieger was involved, dead good ringers or whatever the hell they are called, we had ourselves a good six man tag team match and that isn’t done by any stretch of the imagination I plan to go back up there and whip his loud ass.

CS:We are here at Breed wrestling, wrestling in a cave, was it cool as fuck?

SM:I mean yeah! 

CS:Did you get to see the venue beforehand?

SM:Yeah we got in here before and the first thing you notice is one of the sides of the ring is a cavernous drop but I like that though, you want that in a cave, you don’t want a boring normal wrestling set up.

CS:It would have been worse if it had been a big open space with a roof.

SM:Exactly and this is even better than I had hoped for, we are getting dripped on right now, I was in the scramble match and opened the show, got a win, rare in my wrestling career so that was awesome. Won with a spear so shout out to my dad Goldberg, did that for him. Yeah it’s been awesome I think the coolest thing about wrestling outside of the nonsense we all know about is you get to have amazing experiences like this. My goal when I first started was to have one match, I had that one match and now I’m wrestling in a cave a year and a half later, almost to the day so I’m pretty happy with that.

CS:Where are you next wrestling?

SM:I will be down in Portsmouth on Saturday and then I am taking a week off to go on holiday and then through November I have no weekends off.

CS:What promotions are you working for?

SM:Ooh I’ll be doing stuff for Kapow, EWA, UBW, Immortal wrestling, IPW and wrestling league too, I’m doing stuff all over the place and I couldn’t be more appreciative of that, it blows my brain.

CS:Thanks fot you time Simon. I genuinely appreciate catching up with you and love seeing your success.

photos by Carl Gac


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