Interview with Wolfgang, Road to Fear and Loathing IX

Recently I had the opportunity to chat with current ICW Heavyweight Champion Wolfgang ahead of his upcoming title title defense at Fear & Loathing IX.

Neil Rogers – Hi Wolfgang, thanks for taking the time to do this interview with me. I appreciate you are a busy man and you have important things to prepare for at the moment, namely you’re going to main eventing the biggest show in ICW History at Fear & Loathing IX at the SSE Hydro in Glasgow. It is going to be you defending your title against Trent Seven inside a steel cage in front of what looks likely to be one of the biggest crowds in British wrestling history, first things first, how do you prepare for that?
Wolfgang – I’ve been preparing for ICW at Hydro on November 20th for my entire wrestling career. It’s the largest stage I could ever hope to be on and the entire show will be incredible. I will be defending the world title in a steel cage match, an environment I’m dreadfully familiar with [Wolfgang wrestled inside a steel cage at Fear & Loathing VIII in what was voted ICW’s Match of the Year]. I know what that steel feels like when your body hits it, and how the door sounds as it’s slammed shut behind you. I know you can’t train for a steel cage match. Which is where I have the edge over my challenger Trent Seven. I’ve already walked into the cage twice already, and each time the Big Bad Wolf has walked out victorious, each time as a more dangerous beast than before. Trent Seven doesn’t know what waits for him at Fear and Loathing IX.
NR – Trent Seven is one of the best up-and-coming heavyweights anywhere in the world at the moment. Can you tell me your thoughts on him?
W – My opponent at the Hydro is a man who is capturing them attention of professional wrestling around the world. He backs up the hype with a British strong style so aggressive it’s like he’s been in a war with every match [if you need evidence of this check out a recent match Trent had with Johnny Moss here]. I was the first man to welcome Trent Seven into ICW just over a year ago, when I pinned him in his debut match. Though he did get one up on me just before I won my world title, when he returned the favour by pinning me in Glasgow. Something nobody else has been able to do before or since. The Hydro on November 20th we will settle the score and find out who the better man is inside a steel cage.
NR – You debuted for ICW back in 2006 when it was just another company and you have been a key part of them growing to the phenomenon that it is today. You have have won multiple “Match of the Year” awards, held the the tag titles and the Zero-G but it wasn’t until earlier this year that you won your first Heavyweight Title. Can you describe what it was like winning the title after all the years of hard work?
W – I am one of a small handful who appeared on the first ever ICW show back in 2006 who are still involved with the company today. Over the past 10 years I’ve been in over 100 matches and each time I’ve watched the company grow and grow into the world wide phenomenon it is today. To be walking into the biggest ever wrestling event as ICW World Champion is a once in a lifetime experience. When we started we were in front of around 30 people, a fraction of whom were my friends and family. November 20th I will walk out to a crowd of over 5000 announced as the defending champion. It will be an overwhelming experience I’m sure.

NR – To win the title you cashed in your SquareGo briefcase and beat Joe Coffey after he had just been in an absolute war with Big Damo. Do you have any thoughts on how you won it and did you feel bad for Joe, in any way, after you stole his moment?
W – When I cashed in on Joe Coffey after he had just defeated Big Damo for the world title, I didn’t feel bad at all. At the end of the day Joe Coffey bullied Red Lighting into getting that title match after I had already beaten him in the SquareGo earlier in the year. He couldn’t earn the number one contender spot like I did, he had to bully his boss into getting what he wanted. If you ask me that moment was never Joe’s to begin with, and my cash in was just me putting things right.

NR – As I mentioned you have been with ICW for a long time and you are one of the key reasons they are the success they are today. Does it annoy you in any way that wrestlers like Trent come in and get a title shot at such a massive event without putting in the same amount of work with the company?
W – Trent Seven being the number one contender for my ICW world title at the Hydro isn’t something that bothers me. In his short time in ICW he has grown an insane army of followers who have saw him earn his place with a highlight reel of matches. What does bother me though, is when everyone believes him when he says he’s going to take my title. As good as Trent is and no matter how much he is adored by the fans, he is not Wolfgang. He is not the former Zero G champion, not the multiple time Match of the Year and Wrestler of the Year award winner. He is not the ICW World Heavyweight Champion and after November 20th he still won’t be!

NR – I’m sure you are focused on your match in the main event but are there any matches on the card that you are looking forward to seeing?
W – I’m looking forward to watching every match at the Hydro on November 20th. The entire card is stacked with worldwide names like Kurt Angle, The Dudley Boys and Finn Balor, as well as the top guys in ICW that have been working towards this since their first day in the company. BT Gunn vs Stevie Boy will be great to watch, those two could possibly steal the show. The five-on-five ICW vs Black Label will be very interesting too, there are a lot of elements in that match that are ready to explode. I’m confident my Black Label pals will bring home the win.

NR – Have you thought about what it will be like wrestling on the same show as one of the best wrestlers (amateur or professional) in the history, Kurt Angle?
W – Kurt Angle is going to be wrestling on an ICW show against Joe Coffey at the Hydro on November 20th. 10 years ago that sentence would have sounded ridiculous. It is a testament to the quality of ICW and its growing popularity that now when the Olympic Hero walks out at Fear and Loathing it’s just another insane moment along the ride that is ICW.

NR – Assuming you retain your title at Fear & Loathing do you have any idea who else is in the mix for your championship?
W – After I defend my title against Trent Seven in the steel cage match, there are plenty of folk who are just waiting for the opportunity to face the world champion. First and foremost I’m sure Joe Coffey will have his eyes on what he nearly walked away with at Shugs Hoose Party 3. BT Gunn was the only guy to actually receive a title shot on the ICW Road to Fear and Loathing Tour in Leicester, maybe he is in line for a rematch. To be honest I’m enjoying having the level of competition at the top of ICW right now, but no matter who it is I face, sooner or later I retain. You’re witnessing the Last King of Scotland’s reign as World Heavyweight Champion and there’s no end in sight.

NR – Thanks for your time Wolfgang. All the best for Fear & Loathing!

This will be the second year in a row that my wife and I will be making the journey from Newcastle to Glasgow to take in Fear & Loathing live. If you, like us, are interested in witnessing history being made as Trent Seven takes on Wolfgang tickets are available here and here is the show as it currently stands on Friday 11th November

By Neil Rogers

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