win wrestlemania xxx on dvd

WrestleMania XXX is biggest event in the history of the WWE, celebrating 30 years of some of the biggest moment in wrestling history together with the stars of today putting a show that won’t soon be forgotten.

WrestleMania XXX is available to own on DVD and Blu-ray now HERE and to celebrate we have a copy on DVD to giveaway! (Courtesy of FremantleMedia International.)

wrestlemania dvd uk

Creative people, do you want to get your mits on a copy of WrestleMania XXX? We will be giving one lucky winner a copy of the DVD who Tweet something cool using the hashtag #WrestleManiaIsMine


What should you Tweet?


We want you to imagine that YOU are in charge of your very own WrestleMania and Tweet all about it using the hashtag #WrestleManiaIsMine! We will be looking for the most creative submission to win the big prize. We will retweet any that we really like and may even feature some in a future issue of our ‘zine.


Here are the kind of things we are looking for:

  • Design the poster for your own WrestleMania
  • Photoshop a cool image
  • Book the show – who would be on the show and why?
  • Draw us a funky picture
  • What would the set look like?
  • What random events would happen?
  • Make a video
  • Where in the world would this historic event take place?
  • Sing us a song???


Note: You don’t need to have any real artistic talent to win. If the funniest, most original entrant features stick men then so be it. Remember, it’s your WrestleMania – do whatever you like and HAVE FUN with the hashtag #WrestleManiaIsMine


You can enter as many times as you like. You must use the hashtag #WrestleManiaIsMine even if you don’t tag @CallingSpots in the post. The closing date is the end of the Battleground PPV on July 21st 2014 (UK, 20th in the US) with the individual winner being announced after this. We will announce the winner via Twitter.