tshirt design revealed

So…we released a limited edition t-shirt. Our aim was to make the best wrestling t-shirt in your wardrobe and more importantly, one that you could wear to the pub. We’re not sure if we succeeded with that first point or not, that’t not for us to say, but here is what we do know. Thanks to the amazing friends of the ‘zine, we sold 50% of the shirts BEFORE ANYONE EVEN KNEW THE DESIGN. By the end of the 1st day of the design being released we had sold 75% of our shirts and completely sold out of sizes SMALL, XL and 2XL.

Guys, we are blown away by your support. The fact that so many of you would buy a t-shirt, without even seeing what the thing looked like, just because you like what we do….that literally makes our hearts warm. Thank you all so much, you really are the best ever.

Here is the design….we hope you like it:

calling spots shirt

The shirt costs just £12 (plus shipping) which is the same as 40 cigarettes and is so much cooler. It’s made of light weight, slim fit, pre-shrunk cotton. If in doubt about size, go for the large as they are fitted. Want to join the party? Of course you do….



We currently only ship to the UK via these links but we will ship anywhere if you ask. Please email CallingSpots@gmail.com to discuss shipping costs internationally.

If you are reading this and already wearing our shirt, again, thank you so much. The only question now is; would you like us to do this again sometime? Maybe a new design t-shirt for summer or some hoodies for the autumn? Get in touch on Twitter and Facebook to let us know your thoughts.

Oh…and we want to see your photos of you looking ace in your new shirt. Send us a photo and we will send a prize to the person who sends us the best photo by Tuesday night. Have fun you crazy kids x