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As everyone here at the Calling Spots HQ works hard on putting together issue 4 of our wrestling fanzine, we thought we would share with you some of the feedback our AMAZING readers (mates…you are ALL our mates) have sent us on Twitter:

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Yes….we know how self righteous that is. But we all out our hearts into making this little magazine for you guys. We are only here because of people like these guys above and honestly…all of us are humbled that you guys take the time out to buy our little ‘zine, read it then tell the world how much you enjoyed it.

Our Fanzine is available in PRINT HERE and now DIGITALLY HERE

It’s only £2 per copy (plus postage if applicable) so please pick up a copy today to see what all the fuss is about.

Sneaky bit of news:

To all our readers, we have an exclusive bit of news to say “cheers” for reading this post. As we all now know, print isn’t dead and fanzines are better than anything you will read on the web. The only other wrestling fanzine we would endorse, The Atomic Elbow, is a FANTASTIC little zine from the United States. Now, both The Atomic Elbow and us here at Calling Spots HATE the fact that the post office charges a fortune to ship internationally. So, we are going to be stocking a VERY limited number of each other’s ‘zines so that you can get them nice and cheap. We will only have 8 copies of each others latest ‘zines and 2 copies of older ‘zines. These will be in stock in a week or two.

For UK readers – If you want to reserve a copy of The Atomic Elbow BEFORE they go live on our GET YOUR COPY page then please send us an email to

For readers in the US – If you want to pick up a copy of Calling Spots, new or old, keep an eye on The Atomic Elbow’s website HERE

Thanks guys – You’re the best!!

Rich (Editor)



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