Main Event Wrestling – Friday 27th February 2015

After being thoroughly impressed in my first Main Event Wrestling show I was looking forward to seeing what MEW Management had to offer. Once again I was able to arrive before the doors were officially opened and I was able to catch up with (friend of the magazine) “The Nightmare” Alex Kavero, MEW Heavyweight champion Dave Carbon and ring announcer Michael Brown and discuss the show. All three seemed quietly confident about the event.

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I was given a quick rundown of some of the evening’s bouts and informed that once again a capacity crowd was expected with almost all of the available tickets sold in advance. Given the modest advertising for the show this is an amazing achievement and one that everyone involved should be proud of. The exact attendance was not officially announced but it has been stated that over 250 paying patrons were welcomed through the door and I would be surprised if any went home disappointed.

The show started with Jainus Centurion and Loco Ryder (aka Luchadored) getting a measure of revenge against the team of Dominic Davenport and Ragnar. This match was the official MEW debut for The Country Club who had introduced themselves to fans by viciously attacking Luchadored with chairs during their tag team title match at the previous show. Although this bout was somewhat short it did contain plenty of hard hitting offense with Ragnar landing a particularly brutal slam on Centurion.

Next up was a triple threat match between Liam Lazarus, Prince Ameen and Jason Prime. Ameen played the dastardly heel and insulted the crowd before the bell. Lazarus had several members of the crowd on the feet dancing to his entrance music (90’s classic “We Like To Party” by The Venga Boys). Lazarus was even able to get Prime to inadvertently dance along by quickly changing hands during an old school test of strength at the beginning of the contest. Lazarus seemed in control early on until Ameen was able to convince Prime to work with the promise of £5000 and a job as Ameen’s bodyguard if Prime allowed Ameen to gain the victory. This was the first time I had seen Jason Prime perform but I was impressed by his imposing aura and the wide array of suplexes that he hit on the unfortunate Lazarus. In the end Lazarus was unable to overcome the odds and Prime allowed Prince Ameen to gain the pinfall victory and have his arm raised by the referee. Hopefully the owner of the “Lazabus” will be able to get his revenge in the future.

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Up next was a six man battle royal to be the number one contender to the MEW title. Two men would start with another competitor entering after 90 seconds. Participants were eliminated if they were thrown from the ring with both their feet hit the ground (unlikely a traditional battle royal it wasn’t necessary for a wrestler to be thrown over the top rope). For me this was the low point of the entire card. I was intrigued by the prospect of stable mates Mr Hollywood and Chris Diamond starting the match but I found it difficult to suspend my disbelieve when, despite being one of only three participants at the time, Mr Hollywood was supposedly able to leave the ring, roll under the ring and hide their without being spotted by the referee (no, there wasn’t even a ref bump). To be fair, Roman, the 10 year old who was sitting beside me found it hilarious that Hollywood popped out from under the ring to “shush” the crowd. The winner of the battle royal was the impressive Dara Diablo who outlasted Adam Christ, Iain Robinson before eliminating Nathan Cruz to win. The ending of the match involved the two exchanging strikes before Cruz exclaimed “This is madness!” only to be met with Diablo shouting “This is Sparta!” and then hitting a big boot. I’m sure I am not doing this set piece justice but I can assure you that either of the last two Royal Rumble pay-per-views would have been improved if this had been replicated at some point.

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Following on from the battle royal was a Tag Team Title match between The New Age Kliq and the title holders Drake and Dragon who were accompanied by their manager Mr D. The NAK were able to claim the belts on their MEW debut after an extraordinarily hard hitting bout. BT Gunn and Chris Renfrew were placed in an unfamiliar babyface role in the bout but were able to show why they are one of the best tag teams in the UK (for my money they are THE best) by working the crowd and working with the MEW stalwarts to put on the match of the night. The bout was also a great showcase for the ability of Drake and Dragon who put across an excellent account of themselves.

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The show’s penultimate matchup was between Alex Kavero and Jack Jester. The former ICW Heavyweight champion is the second Scottish wrestling star to face Kavero after he was bested by Grado at the previous show (WATCH: Our interview with Grado HERE) Kavero no longer looked like a Geordie Charles Bronson as he is sporting a controversial topknot which was enough to wind up the crowd. The match was an evenly fought back and forth affair which took place at ringside as much as in the squared circle. At one point Kavero was able to duck an attack that would have driven him into the ring post, turned Jester around, threw me off my seat (I genuinely nearly died), sat Jester in MY seat then attempted to decapitate him with a stiff kick. Once back inside the ring “The Nightmare” was able to withstand a double underhook suplex, where he legitimately fractured his wrist, and a tombstone piledriver to hit his finishing manoeuvre and gain a big win over Jester.

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The main event was for the MEW Heavyweight Championship between Dave Carbon and Assassin. Carbon entered with a Sunderland football shirt draped over him and was greeted with an overwhelming amount of boos. (Sidenote. This shirt was torn up by rabid children who were sitting at ringside) Despite strangely entering to a Backstreet Boys song (“Larger Than Life” which I suppose is better than of he had chosen “I Want It That Way”) Assassin was still greeted with cheers. Carbon who brilliantly played the heel throughout was able to beat Assassin but the real story was what happened after the bout as cheap-shotted his fallen foe when he was offered a handshake of respect. Assassin’s luck went from bad to worse as Carbon was assisted in his assault by the unmistakeable Lucas Marvel. Thankfully the attack was cut short when AJ Anderson ran in to make the save and hit Marvel with an impressive Superman punch before challenging Carbon to a rematch for the title that he had lost at the previous show. Always the heel, Carbon refused the rematch and stated that Anderson must prove himself worthy of a shot at the title.

After the show I was graciously allowed behind the curtain and was able to interview NAK about ICW, the UK tag scene and a discarded piss bottle (among others). This interview is available on the Calling Spots You Tube channel and I would implore you all to check it out. It was during this interview where I witnessed Dragon walking around with a BT Gunn heel print on his forehead despite well over an hour having passed. Ouch!

WATCH: Part one of our interview with the NAK


MEW have already announced their next show which will take place on 26th April at Ashington Leisure Centre. Although the full card has not been announced, and the line up being subject to change, former WWE superstar and ECW icon Sabu has been confirmed as an opponent for Adam Christ and Alex Kavero in a triple threat match. If you are in the area and available on that date I would recommend you consider checking out the show for what will, no-doubt, be a great night out for the whole family.

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