Limited Edition Art Prints

We are delighted to announce the release of series one of our super limited edition art prints celebrating the artwork of Calling Spots. We say “super limited edition” as there are only 100 of each of these hand-numbered art cards in the world and we will never reprint, so snap them up while you can.

wrestling postcards

You can get your hands on these in a few different ways and some we are even giving away for FREE. Here is how you can collect the first five….

Print #1 – Aristocrats

Paul Cooper illustrates his spin on Montreal and we are giving this limited edition print away for FREE. All you need to do is extend your printed subscription by a further five issues. Even if you have just recently subscribed, you can still renew and we will simply add the extra printed issues to your account. Plus, as an EXTRA “thank you” for your patronage so far, you will also receive an extra issue of our magazine for FREE when you renew. Use the following links to renew your sub by six printed issues for the price of five:





wrestling postcards


The FREE prints are strictly first come first served so renew today. If you click the “renew” option you MUST have a current subscription with us for us to add the issues to your account. If you don’t have a sub to renew, we do have some goodie bags left (including a poster, badge and stickers) for new subscribers HERE. Plus, you can always subscribe then immediately renew (taking you to an 11 issue sub) to get both goodie bag AND limited edition print.


Print #2 – Bash at the Beach

This was the first piece of artwork that Paul Cooper ever did for our magazine, so it only makes sense that we give this one away for FREE for the first 100 orders – this time with our new book “The Collection: Volume 1”. That’s right, we have made an actual, 300 page book which features the very best of our first ten issues re-mastered as well as some all new content that you will not see anywhere else.

alternative wrestling magazine

Read more and order your book HERE you little bookworm you!


Print #3 – DDP

The only way to get this print is to be one of the first 100 people to grab one of the brand new Calling Spots t-shirts, as this print is a FREE gift with our tee.

Alternative wrestling t-shirt

Click HERE to select your size and order your tee

Prints #4 and #5

Rounding off the first series are the Wyatts and the British Bulldog- two classic pieces of artwork from our vault. The pack of two postcards can be purchased as a one off item for just £2. Again, there are only 100 of these and will never be reprinted.


Snag your set of two prints HERE with UK shipping

Snag your set of two prints HERE with INTERNATIONAL shipping

 wrestling postcards

wrestling postcards

The cards are all postcard size and are hand-numbered on the (blank) reverse side. Any order place that comes with a print will be extra carefully packed (and reinforced where needed) to ensure these arrive to you as they are meant to be – mint condition and ready to frame or even get signed.