Calling Spots The Book

We are delighted to announce that we have released our first ever book. That’s right, we have made a proper, 270 page book; Calling Spots The Collection – Volume 1. Thanks to your support, our magazine has evolved so much over our almost-three year existence into what it is today.

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The Collection – Volume 1 is a compilation of all the very best articles from our first ten issues, remixed, re-mastered and re-edited to look awesome, plus loads of all new content that you will not find anywhere else. Our aim was to make something that can be enjoyed by both new readers as well as you guys that have been here since day one. If you are new to our magazine, this is the best way to read the formative years of our project. If you are a long time reader then we are sure that you will dig re-reading the re-styled ‘best bits’ from years gone by, as well as all of the new content, including two whole new chapters.

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UPDATE: We are delighted and honoured to announce that the forewords to our first book have been written by two of our favourite people in the world of professional wrestling – PROGRESS Wrestling co-owner and hilarious stand-up comedian Jim Smallman as well as one of the most talented pro wrestlers in Europe Marty Scurll. Both have been supporters of and involved in the magazine during our formative years and are men that we have such admiration for due to the things that they both do for professional wrestling in our country. It is an honour that both gentlemen have penned such kind forewords to the book.

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