Calling Spots Issue 2 is Here

Hi guys – I will keep this update short and sweet. After months of hard work and on the back of our HUGELY successful first issue, Calling Spots Issue 2 if finally here!!


Calling Spots Wrestling Fanzine
Calling Spots Issue 2

Thank you to everyone who has pre-ordered, your copy will be with you very soon. The fact that you guys have went out your way to order our modest little wrestling magazine is fantastic. It’s a horrible cliche but its true, we wouldn’t still be doing this if you guys weren’t supporting us and buying the ‘zine! So thank you! Now the real fun starts, hearing what you think of it. As always, drop us a line and let us know what you think.


So, why should you guys that have not bought your copy yet do so? Because it’s brilliant, nothing like ANY wrestling magazine or news website in the world and only £2 for all of this:


  • Gabe Sapolsky interview – An exclusive sit-down interview with the  vice president of Dragon Gate USA, owner of Evolve, and former booker for Ring of Honor and Full Impact Pro
  • Shit wrestling is shit – A look into at the gulf between the best and the worst shows
  • The return of the “Mark Henry sweating scenarios” comic series
  • IPW:UK Revolution – A weird article that is 1/3 show review, 1/3 DVD review and 1/3 about me and my mate pissing about in London
  • More wrestling dream matches and top notch illustrations
  • Evolution of the cage match – A self explanatory article
  • Wrestling romance/erotica – YES you read that right. Think 50 shades of grey but with loads more baby oil!!
  • An interview with Mad Man Manson – my favourite interview of all time, Manson REALLY got into the obscure theme of our fanzine and produced an absolute magic interview
  • Top 10 most ANTICIPATED Wrestlemania matches part 2
  • A ‘Page 3’ model getting her kit off in the style of ‘the best in the world’
  • Collaborations with some other cool wrestling projects from around the world
  • Plenty more wrestling banter, cartoons, articles, paintings and some poetry.


Check out Calling Spots Issue 2 today on our MERCHANDISE page! It is made by fans, for fans, all for the love of wrestling. Our aim is to bring you a wrestling product that focuses on the positives and the fun side of wrestling. Try it…we know you will love it!!


Mark Henry Sweating Scenarios Cartoon
Mark Henry Sweating Scenarios Cartoon