calling spots a pro wrestling….t-shirt

As promised, we have a little update for you regarding the official Calling Spots t-shirts that we are going to release shortly. Without name dropping anyone, we are aware that there are PLENTY of alternative wrestling t-shirt companies producing some witty designs to rival WWE’s official merch range. Our t-shirt won’t be anything like that. We honestly believe that our design is going to be the coolest (“cool”…do people say that in 2013? How about “dench”? Not quite sure what that means actually) wrestling t-shirt that you will own. Well, if you’re fast enough to get one as we are only going to release 40 shirts in the design.

We have our own unique style when it comes to art and graphics, something that makes our ‘zine to different, and we intend to use that to make a wrestling t-shirt that you can wear on a night out and still be able to successfully chat up a member of the opposite sex. The shirts are 100% pre-shrunk cotton in a stylishly light cloth so you don’t have to worry about getting a basic, square cut shirt that will shrink on the first wash! The design itself covers the whole front of the shirt and is not just a basic little logo; this is a really lush t-shirt for any fashionista.

We are delighted to announce that our shirt will cost just £12 (plus postage), but even better still, if you pre order your shirt we will give you a 20% discount down to £10. The best wrestling t-shirt in your wardrobe for just a tenner. Nice eh? We will be keeping the design a secret until it is released, so everyone that pre orders will see it first. In all honesty though, you won’t be disappointed…when have we ever let you down?

The reason we are making shirts is that we are expanding to having Calling Spots sold at wrestling shows in the UK and wanted some shirts for our staff. We decided to ask if anyone would want one and the response was overwhelming. So, thank you so much!


We have already ran out of some sizes. Please use the links below to order your size. For international orders please get in touch and we will quote you a shipping price. The shirts are slim fit so if in doubt, go LARGE.

Thank you for your support and we can’t wait to see you filling out a Calling Spots t-shirt nicely you sexy bunch!