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Bully Ray interview

On the 30th May, your friends here at Calling Spots were invited to join other major wrestling publications in taking part in a conference call with possibly one of the top 3 heels in the business of the last 5 years, TNA World Heavyweight Champion and President of Aces & Eights, Bully Ray. Obviously we were very excited about this, and our newest contributor Chris Pilkington was the lucky man who actually took part on behalf of both us and

We were so excited about this, we felt we had to share this with our wonderful fans, so, exclusively for you….we bring you the full transcript of what the Bully had to say.

Bully Ray UK interview

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wrestlemania meet-up: newcastle upon tyne

After weeks of speculating, we are happy to announce that Calling Spots and Shark Club Newcastle have arranged a meet-up for all of our readers to get together, have some beers and watch WrestleMania 29 in what will be the best atmosphere outside of the MetLife Stadium. You do NOT want to miss this chance to join all the other cool-kid wrestling fans in the North of England as we take over Shark Club for the pinnacle of the year’s wrestling calendar. Spaces are strictly LIMITED so we suggest you reserve your table/spot TODAY to join in the Calling Spots meet-up and hang out in our own designated section of the bar.

callingspots wrestlemania

Here is that cool poster we mentioned

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Calling Spots DVD Night: wrestlemania x7

We all “Live Tweet” WWE Raw, Pay-Per-Views, IMPACT….but why not go back a bit and live tweet an old PPV? Well….on your own it’s not too fun. Basically you are just talking to yourself. But what if we got LOADS of wrestling fans together, from all over the place, via social networking for some of the greatest shows of all time? Well you know what….we are going to give it a bash:


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Issue 4 crossword answers

In issue 4 of the Calling Spots Pro Wrestling Fanzine (available now at our merchandise page) – our resident cartoon artist Ad put together a fiendishly good crossword for you guys. We hope you enjoyed it and managed to get all the anwers. If not then here they are:

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Calling Spots Rough Guide: How to Win the Royal Rumble

By Chris Pilkington

WWE’s annual battle royale is just around the corner. Thirty of the biggest superstars in the WWE Universe are preparing their battle plans for this Sunday night all for the honour of headlining at WrestleMania. Many have entered, but only a select few have ever had what it takes to outlast 29 other men (and women) and claim the biggest prize in professional wrestling. We’ve been watching the tapes, we’ve done the maths and we’ve compiled the evidence to bring you the ultimate guide on how to win the Royal Rumble. It’s such a winning formula that we guarantee success!*


*Success not guaranteed

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Christmas Time

Calling Spots Fanzine

Ho Ho Ho…..merry Christmas and all that. With our 3rd Issue of Calling Spots due for release in early December, we thought we would add some festive cheer to the ‘zine. Get the perfect stocking filler for less than the price of a pair of socks (depending on where you shop for socks….Primarni sell some cheap ones) HERE TODAY!!

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We’re back!

The title says it all really. Hope you all have missed us. I tend to babble on in these posts so I will try and just get to the skinny. Issue 3 of your favourite wrestling fanzine – Calling Spots – is available for pre order now and should be landing on your door step in early December.

Calling Spots wrestling Fanzine

Calling Spots Issue 3

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Vince and WWE Buying TNA

By Michael Brown

An oft asked question amongst wrestling fans is whether Vince McMahon will buy Dixie Carter’s Tennessee based TNA, Total Nonstop Action, promotion. Established in 2002 by Jeff and Jerry Jarrett, the promotion is the biggest and only real major alternative to the WWE. Sections of the wrestling fanbase have been clamouring for Vince to buy the promotion and incorporate it into the WWE behemoth. For the life of me I can’t understand why people would want that. Over the next thousand words or so, I’m going to attempt to explain to anyone in favour why it would be a horrendously bad idea.

WWE buying TNA

Will Vince buy TNA?

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wrestling in london

By Chris Pilkington

Wrestling in London – When talking with some friends recently it was suggested that the British style of wrestling, as it were, was dead. And whilst I agree that the traditional style has changed drastically, I see it as more of an evolution than a termination. Whilst British wrestling used to have definite distinctions that made it separate from other nations, modern British wrestling is a lot more inclusive, taking ideas and motifs from a wide range of other influences and blending them together into something unique. This ideology is a direct result of the melting pot of nations that these fair isles have become. A multicultural society leads to a multicultural entertainment.

IPW:UK London Wrestling

Wrestling in London with IPW:UK

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