An Audience with Eric Bischoff – Byker – 10 October 2018

During the evening with Eric, one of the topics that will be touched on is ’83 Weeks with Eric Bischoff’ Since 1984 every wrestling promoter has tried to best Vince McMahon and the World Wrestling Federation unsuccessfully… except one, Eric Bischoff. Eric got his foot in the door with Ted Turner’s organization as a “C-Team Announcer” and a few short years later, he was President … Continue reading An Audience with Eric Bischoff – Byker – 10 October 2018

Is NXT to blame for WWE’s injury crisis?

WWE's first ever Universal Champion, Finn Balor, sadly had to relinquish his title on Raw the day after winning it at SummerSlam credit
WWE’s first ever Universal Champion, Finn Balor, sadly had to relinquish his title on Raw the day after winning it at SummerSlam
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Triple H has scoured the world and brought the world’s best indie talent to the WWE and has made NXT the best thing on the WWE network. It’s quarterly takeover specials are some of the best wrestling events in the world and include more match of the year candidates than any other show with the possible exception of WrestleMania (and that’s debatable).
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Editor’s letter – December



As many of you will know, I write one of these to open up every issue of our wrestling magazine. Usually I touch on the themes inside that particular issue of Calling Spots, some observations or feelings on the world of professional wrestling and I am always super grateful for each and every one of you for supporting what we do. I truth, I’m usually still blown away that we sell thousands of magazines when my original goal for issue one was to simply sell 40 copies.


I wanted to get a few words jotted down, not as ‘Calling Spots’ but from me – Richard Penaluna – a fella who just happens to be the Editor of Calling Spots.

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Competition – Limited Edition Undertaker DVD Boxset

Every match from The Undertaker’s legendary 21-1 streak at WrestleMania, presented bell-to-bell, unedited, and blur-free for the very first time. This five-disc set comes in a Limited Edition Coffin Boxset – only 2101 copies available and we are giving one away for FREE to one lucky reader of Calling Spots courtesy of Fremantle International.


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Issue 14 Preview

We think it’s cute.
We know it’s sexy.
It’s got the looks.
That drives the girls wild….

We are very happy to announce that the fourteenth issue of our alternative wrestling magazine is available to order now, in print, for less than two quid.

Hopefully you agree that ‘Mr WrestleMania’ gracing our front cover makes this the sexiest wrestling magazine cover you will find anywhere in the world. Perfect for having signed if you are meeting ‘The Showstopper’ on his UK tour or at London Wrestlecon.

calling spots magazine

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TNA British Boot Camp Series 2

Challenge announces the return of TNA Wrestling: British Boot Camp, a new series searching for the UK’s next wrestling superstar to be hired by TNA. Commissioned with TNA Entertainment, this eight-part series will air exclusively on Challenge this Autumn and follow the search for ambitious professional wrestlers, who are looking to make the jump to the world of America’s TNA IMPACT WRESTLING.

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Waist Not, Want Not:

The following is a FREE article, written for the latest issue of Calling Spots. Issue seven of our fanzine is our Championship Edition, where we celebrate great professional wrestling champions and championships, from all over the world and spanning every era. With that in mind, resident journalist Chris Pilkington’s latest article explores….


 You’ve toiled for years. You’ve trained day in, day out, paid your dues and against all odds you’ve made it to the dance. You worked even harder, intent on proving yourself worthy of your spot and slowly but surely worked your way up the card. One day, the boss pulled you to one side and told you what you’d been longing to hear since the day you first started running the ropes.  You’re finally winning a championship. Now comes the hard part. It’s time to make the hardest decision of your wrestling life. It’s time to decide how you’re going to wear your belt.

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