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Editor’s letter – December



As many of you will know, I write one of these to open up every issue of our wrestling magazine. Usually I touch on the themes inside that particular issue of Calling Spots, some observations or feelings on the world of professional wrestling and I am always super grateful for each and every one of you for supporting what we do. I truth, I’m usually still blown away that we sell thousands of magazines when my original goal for issue one was to simply sell 40 copies.


I wanted to get a few words jotted down, not as ‘Calling Spots’ but from me – Richard Penaluna – a fella who just happens to be the Editor of Calling Spots.

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We’ve brought Wrestle Crate to the UK and Europe!



wrestling crate

Official joint statement:


The original wrestling themed box Wrestle Crate has become the first of its kind once again, this time by answering the call from thousands of wrestling fans in the UK and across Europe to have a Wrestle Crate made closer to home. Starting today, customers all across Europe can sign up to Wrestle Crate UK ahead of their November launch and enjoy lower shipping costs to the UK and all European countries than ever before. Plus, you can expect an added British and European flair down the line too. Continue reading

HXC wrestling presents chaos a.d

HXC WRESTLING is back after the sell-out debut show, with CHAOS A.D!


The new Manchester based wrestling promotion returns Saturday June 8th after the amazing success of its debut show, ‘One Dark Night’.

hxc wrestling

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Survivor Series 2012: DVD and Blu-ray review

The Survivor Series is one of WWE’s “Big Four” Pay-Per-View events each year and is their second longest reigning PPV event of all time since its inception back in 1987. The event was born as a way of capitalising on the still-popular Hogan/Andre feud that headlined WrestleMania 3 when Hogan slammed Andre in front of the 193 billion fans in attendance. The show’s showcase piece is the ‘traditional survivor series matches’ that feature 5 good guys against 5 bad guys in an elimination style match. Our friends over at will be celebrating their biggest DVD and Blu-ray release of 2013-to-date on Monday March 11th, so we thought we would share with you lovely people the top 5 reasons that you should have this in your collection:

 wwe survivor series 2012 DVD review

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alternative wrestling awards 2012

By now we guess you are sick as a chip of reading everyone’s end-of-year awards? Best wrestler of the year, show of the year, etc, etc. So our year-end awards, in typical Calling Spots style, are a little bit different. So read on to find out who picks up the least important “awards” that they will ever win – albeit ones that thy have all worked incredibly hard to earn and are all deserving winners:

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An interview with Calling Spots

Richard Penaluna, editor of the Calling Spots Fanzine, was contacted a few weeks ago and asked if he would participate in an interview about wrestling, to be used in a project featuring opinions of dirtsheet writers, fans, bloggers and many other people who like to talk about wrestling. Here is what he said…..

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Batista in TNA

by Richard Penaluna

Dave Batista joins TNA. Is that really so impossible? Dave Batista arguably is the biggest “name” free agent on the market, and TNA love an ex-WWE guy, right? I know what you are thinking though – Dave is currently is training hard to enter into the MMA world….aged 43, an age that most fighters would consider to be the twilight of their career. But even if Dave is successful in the world of MMA, how many fights will he have a year? One? Two at the most? With TNA’s lighter-than-WWE schedule, is it not possible that Batista negotiates a ‘Sting contract’, only working select dates? And what about the fact that Batista has publically blamed the “brutal” PG WWE product for his reason for leaving the company? TNA have much less restriction, throwing around some casual swear words and still blading from time-to-time. The latter being something the Dave’s good friend, Ric Flair, took full advantage of in typical Flair style. Speaking of Flair, surely if the company isn’t below Slick Ric then it’s not below his pal Batista either? And here is my last bomb shell, what if Dave Batista is behind The Aces and Eights?

batista joing tna

WIll Batista join TNA?

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