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FTW – It’s Like The Titanic But With Bears – 24/03/17

Despite being an indy wrestling fan for a relatively long time there are companies in my local area that I have never had a chance to see. Perhaps it is because of the abundance of companies that we have in the Northeast but there are three or four promotions whose shows I have never attended. That number is shrinking as I have set myself the goal of attending a show for every promotion at least once before the end of 2017. Continue reading

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NORTH Wrestling NCL 3: We’re In This Together.

On the 11th of February the guys and girls of NORTH brought us another star studded, storyline driven wrestling show for the mature audience. Featuring some of the best talents the NORTH has to offer (The Primate, The Sons of Ulaid, ‘The Class Apart’ Alexander Henry and HT Drake) as well as the amazing performers that are: Jimmy Havoc, Session Moth Martina, The London Riots, Jack Sexsmith, Dom Black, Amir Jordan, Clint Margera, Damian Dunne, April David’s as well as the return of WWE UK Championship tournament star Roy Johnson.
The show kicked off with a bang with our host Andrew announcing that Mark Haskins will in fact be at NORTH NCL 4! (A damn good reason to get a ticket if there ever was one!) Continue reading

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Futureshock Wrestling ‘Uproar 91’ – 13/11/16

One look at the card for Futureshock Wrestling’s monthly shows tells you that the company is offering a unique proposition. The usual flavour of family-friendly sports entertainment is delivered with some of the top talent on the scene, with enough to reel in kids and older, more discerning fans alike. It’s a fine balance to strike and one that not many bookers would manage to pull off, but from the opening contest, the variety on offer is made totally clear. Continue reading

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Smackdown – Newcastle Metroradio Arena, 6th November 2016

Now as I write for a wrestling magazine (the UK’s largest independently published magazine go be exact) you may think I am up-to-date with all things wrestling but sadly this isn’t the case. You see there simply aren’t enough hours in the day for me to watch everything I would like to and because of this some things don’t make the cut. Things have to be prioritised and given the amount of WWE content produced on a weekly basis and the amount of weeks we seemed to constantly be behind, the decision was made to write off WWE’s five hours of Raw and Smackdown (even if we’d usually get through them in less than two). Unfortunately for me, like many, neither Raw or Smackdown are currently must see TV so the decision was made to remove them from our schedule and unclutter our planner. Continue reading

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3CW Encore, 12th November

Credit to Chris Boyle for taking the photographs and thank you to 3CW for allowing us to use them

My transport options to the show were a 2 hour bus ride from Newcastle or Heworth, or a 1hr one from Sunderland (autocorrect tried to change Sunderland to both “underhand” and “syndrome” read into that what you will) plus a metro, or a train. I got the train, and it was crammed. Luckily I’ve been playing a fit the obnoxiously shaped blocks into the frame game on the old dog and bone recently, so the game of human Tetris to get the guard in and out of his cupboard at every stop on the way was a bit easier than normal. Continue reading

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WCPW Refuse To Lose

On October 6th 2016 WhatCulture Pro Wrestling made the leap from free special events broadcasted on YouTube to hosting their first ever live iPPV via their own service WhatCulture Extra as well as the FITE Network. Now despite this not going quite as well as the company had hope (more on that later) it is fair to say that very few people who saw Refuse To Lose live or later online will have feel short changed on the product they received. Continue reading

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MCW New Horizons, 30th May 2016


Oh MCW How I’ve missed you! Although I have kept up to date with Melbourne City Wrestling and it’s storylines via its YouTube channel I haven’t taken in a whole event since Chavo Guerrero took on Dowie James at Ballroom Brawl 2015. Once I realised that Ballroom Brawl 2016 was three events ago I decided I needed to get back on board the MCW bandwagon and I contacted the lovely people at Australia’s number one promotion and asked them to hook me up. Continue reading

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Review of WhatCulture Pro Wrestling – Series 1


If you’re reading this it means that you, like many other wrestling fans don’t just enjoy watching wrestling you also like, or at least have some form of interest, reading/hearing/watching about other people’s thoughts on something wrestling related.

Continue reading

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WrestleMania 32 boxset review

If you’ve followed Calling Spots for any length of time, you’ll know that we have a penchant for physical things, especially awesome wrestling merchandise. Hell, we make a printed magazine in 2016 and have started a wrestling subscription service in Wrestle Crate UK. With that in mind, we were over the moon when our friends at WWE Home Video kindly sent us a copy of their new WrestleMania 32 Ultimate Collectors Edition DVD.



Continue reading