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LCW Elevation: Triumph 2 – 27th November, Brockington College, Leicester


I don’t want to spoil the illusion but the wrestlers you see on TV weren’t just created that way, each and every one of them (even the crapper ones) have put years into honing their craft and becoming the star they are. Perhaps their character will change but the moves they have learned and the way they carry themselves will often remain the same. Continue reading

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An Evening With Ryback – Lancastrian Suite, Federation Brewery, Gateshead


Over the last few years “an evening with…” style events have become increasingly popular as they give fans a chance to meet various legends and heroes from their childhoods. This phenomenon isn’t just something happening in wrestling as companies around the world are hosting evenings with athletes from a plethora of sports as well as acting stars from the stage and screen. Continue reading

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Target Wrestling – Saturday 19th November 2016, English Gate Plaza, Carlisle


Next week is one of the biggest weekends in wrestling. WWE Survivor Series is being talked about internationally and closer to home ICW Fear & Loathing IX is the talk of British wrestling. Although both of the aforementioned shows will undoubtedly have some water cooler moments (if such things exist in 2016) there are other wrestling events running that weekend that have potential to be absolute classics. Up and down the UK companies like Fight! Nation, New Generation Wrestling, Preston City Wrestling and WrestleZone will be putting on show but the one that has caught my eye is Target Wrestling at The Venue in Carlisle. Continue reading

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NORTH Wrestling NCL: They Will March On – The Riverside, 5th November 2016

One of my favourite things about being a wrestling fan is seeing a wrestler for the first time and then following their journey to (hopefully) the pinnacle of the wrestling world. Take Noam Dar for example, I had heard of him, watched him and spoken to him years before he was on the WWE radar and now he is signed to the world’s largest wrestling, sorry, sports entertainment company. Maybe I’m wrong but I think that’s cool (albeit if a bit pretentious). Continue reading

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PBW Maximum Impact 2016 – Greenock Town Hall, 29th October 2016


It’s Halloween weekend and the good folks at Premier British Wrestling have a scarily good evening of wrestling at Greenock Town Centre (sorry, I promise that shall be my last Halloween related pun). Rather than read my crap jokes let’s get straight into the announced matches and the order I predict they will occur. Continue reading

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Absolute Wrestling: Absolution – Saturday 22nd October, Linskill Centre, North Shields.

Since they burst onto the UK wrestling scene Absolute wrestling have delivered on their promise of providing pure, uncompromising, supreme wrestling and I hope you will be joining us in the lively crowd this weekend. Continue reading

ICW Fans Podcast Live: 24


Let’s be honest. We wrestling fans sometimes get a bit of a bad rap. Some of us look quite scary, we almost always wear black (because all the best t-shirts are black!) and often we like go stand too close to each other and shout obscenities at half dressed people beating each other up for our entertainment. Given all that it’s understandable that our community’s reputation isn’t as good as it could be. Continue reading

Main Event Wrestling, Northern Bash, 30th September 2016

This Friday at 7pm (doors open at 6pm) Northumbria University will be host of the North East’s longest running and most successful promotion, Main Event Wrestling. This will be the second year where MEW are bringing world class wrestling to the makes its return to the spacious room at the Ellison Building at the Uni, slap bang in Newcastle city centre and along with the MEW faithful, I can’t wait, so here is a preview of the shenanigans to come. Continue reading

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Calling Spots Championship Tournament Announcement

The Calling Spots Championship title in all it’s glory

As the world’s largest indepently published wrestling magazine we have decided that we would like to give back to the wrestling community put a spotlight on companies up and down the country who produce fantastic shows on a consistent basis. Continue reading

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