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TNA IMPACT WRESTLING is returning to Ireland in 2014

TNA announces Dublin date for 2014
TNA IMPACT WRESTLING is returning to Ireland in 2014. We featured a review of our Calling Spots road trip to the 2013 TNA IMPACT WRESTLING UK Tour in Issue 4 of our Wrestling Fanzine this past spring, so we are excited at the prospect of next year’s tour…
TNA Ireland UK tour

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tshirt design revealed

So…we released a limited edition t-shirt. Our aim was to make the best wrestling t-shirt in your wardrobe and more importantly, one that you could wear to the pub. We’re not sure if we succeeded with that first point or not, that’t not for us to say, but here is what we do know. Thanks to the amazing friends of the ‘zine, we sold 50% of the shirts BEFORE ANYONE EVEN KNEW THE DESIGN. By the end of the 1st day of the design being released we had sold 75% of our shirts and completely sold out of sizes SMALL, XL and 2XL.

Guys, we are blown away by your support. The fact that so many of you would buy a t-shirt, without even seeing what the thing looked like, just because you like what we do….that literally makes our hearts warm. Thank you all so much, you really are the best ever.

Here is the design….we hope you like it:

calling spots shirt

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Figure four quiz – the answers

In issue FIVE of Calling Spots, we featured a quiz that we dedicated to the late Reid Flair. Here are the answers to that quiz:

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calling spots a pro wrestling….t-shirt

As promised, we have a little update for you regarding the official Calling Spots t-shirts that we are going to release shortly. Without name dropping anyone, we are aware that there are PLENTY of alternative wrestling t-shirt companies producing some witty designs to rival WWE’s official merch range. Our t-shirt won’t be anything like that. We honestly believe that our design is going to be the coolest (“cool”…do people say that in 2013? How about “dench”? Not quite sure what that means actually) wrestling t-shirt that you will own. Well, if you’re fast enough to get one as we are only going to release 40 shirts in the design.

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What we look for

Here at the Calling Spots office, we often get emails asking if we are looking for new writers, so I wanted to answer this publically. Are we looking for new writers? Well….technically no. We are never really looking for new contributors of any medium, but that does not mean the opportunity is not there.

Calling Spots Fanzine

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competition time again

Hi there! As a way of thanking you guys for your support, we like to give away some FREE stuff from time to time. Therefore we are very happy to announce that we are now running another epic Calling Spots competition. We have loads of mint stuff to give you with a brilliant ‘star prize’ bundle (seriously….you want to win this) and a few runners up prizes to make sure we give back as much as we can! Calling Spots artist AD has donated ALL of the original artwork that you, and thousands of people over the world, have seen in issues 1-4 of the fanzine. These are not prints, this is the original artwork! We also want to make sure that everyone can enter the competition AS MANY TIMES AS THEY WANT. There are various different ways to enter and there is no limit to how many entries you have.

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News: exclusive chris daniels interview

I am delighted to announce that TNA Superstar Chris Daniels has joined us for a fun conversation about pro wrestling (obviously), comic books and kilts for the Calling Spots Pro Wrestling Fanzine. We know it is a little bit early to be singing about what future issues have in store a single week after issue 4 was released so why not order your copy of the latest issue today to enjoy your favourite alternative wrestling content straight out of left field. The only way you can read our exclusive interview is in the ‘zine so we will let you know once this is available.

Christopher Daniels Interview

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We’re back



Issue 4 of your favourite wrestling fanzine (and joint-9th-favourite magazine in general) Calling Spots is complete and being printed as we converse. We can wait for you to read it….we have a little tingly feeling in our bellies about this one…we think you will love it.


Convinced already? PayPal us JUST 2 British pounds to have one by clicking HERE.

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Issue 4: update

Hi guys and girls. Thank you so much for the support recently. We have had a lot of new readers, a LOT of positive feedback and have even sent copies of the fanzine to some beautiful countries in recent weeks, such as France and Australia.

I just wanted to take the time out to say THANK YOU all so much for your support.

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