Limited Edition Art Prints

We are delighted to announce the release of series one of our super limited edition art prints celebrating the artwork of Calling Spots. We say “super limited edition” as there are only 100 of each of these hand-numbered art cards in the world and we will never reprint, so snap them up while you can.

wrestling postcards

You can get your hands on these in a few different ways and some we are even giving away for FREE. Here is how you can collect the first five….

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Main Event Wrestling – Friday 27th February 2015

After being thoroughly impressed in my first Main Event Wrestling show I was looking forward to seeing what MEW Management had to offer. Once again I was able to arrive before the doors were officially opened and I was able to catch up with (friend of the magazine) “The Nightmare” Alex Kavero, MEW Heavyweight champion Dave Carbon and ring announcer Michael Brown and discuss the show. All three seemed quietly confident about the event.

mew wrestling

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Books that pack a real punch:

Paul O’Brien on Blood Red Turns Dollar Green’s conclusion


Irish crime writer Paul O’Brien has managed a near-impossible feat –penning a compelling fictional series set in the world of professional wrestling that is as appealing to ardent crime literature fans as it is to those that closely monitor the action between the ropes of the squared circle.


Volume 1 of the Blood Red Turns Dollar Green series was published in 2012 and instantly grabbed the attention of fans thanks to the public endorsement of former WWE champion Mick Foley –a New York Times bestselling author in his own right.


Having now topped international bestseller charts and been openly praised by many of the wrestling industry’s most admired names, the trilogy will reach its hard-hitting conclusion when Volume 3 is published in October. Ben Veal speaks with the author to learn what fans should expect from the final book and what is next for the series…

Paul o'brien

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We are ecstatic to announce that we now offer subscriptions to our professional wrestling fanzine; Calling Spots. Our subscription prices start from just £9.95 per year and give you access to at least 15 fanzines during that time (as low as just 66 pence per issue)!


We have two types of subscriptions available – PRINT and DIGITAL.


We are also currently giving away FREE SWAG with the first 100 PRINTED subscriptions. Read on for more details….

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