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Decide our next cover

It has been over one year since Kris Travis graced the front cover of our professional wrestling magazine, an issue before we made the switch to the current Paul Cooper designed cover art. Since then we have featured some of the world’s greats; from Neville to Nakamura via the many faces of Kane. However, despite two of the best wrestlers in the world, who just happen to be based in the UK, getting the ‘Paul Cooper treatment’ inside our magazine – Marty Scurll and Jimmy Havoc – nobody who currently performs on these shores regularly has featured on a recent cover of ours. To fix this, we are going to let YOU choose who goes onto the cover of our next issue. The 16 wrestlers involved were all chosen by Twitter over the past week.

As an added bonus, every single time you vote you will be entered in a competition to win the greatest prize we have ever given away.

Calling Spots TOURNAMENT

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Deano Peppers Art Print

To commemorate a wrestling event that took place in Santa Clara this year, we have teamed up with the super-talented Deano Peppers to bring you a parody of the entirety of WM31, summarized in one awesome, limited edition art print.

Wrestlemania art

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