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Wrestling MediaCon 2018

Wrestling MediaCon 2018 will see some of the biggest names in pro wrestling and pro wrestling media come together for a weekend of non-stop wrestling action and interactive fun.

Fans have the chance to enjoy a full weekend of live wrestling shows, meet and greets with the stars, panel interviews and fan Q&As, signings, stalls with stacks of wrestling merchandise including hundreds of rare items and much much more!

Wrestling MediaCon 2018 will also feature the EXCLUSIVE return to Britain of LIVE action from IMPACT Wrestling – one of the world’s biggest wrestling companies on Sunday, September 9 – PLUS an incredible two-day tournament from Revolution Pro Wrestling – one of the UK’s most exciting promotions.

Tickets are NOW ON SALE for Revolution Pro Wrestling’s live two-day tournament on September 8 and 9 from

A host of special attractions at Wrestling MediaCon 2018 will include the first ever Wrestling Media Hall of Fame awards.

And all of this takes place in three arenas over two days under one roof.
This is your chance to be part of the ultimate live wrestling convention experience in the UK so don’t miss out!

When is Wrestling MediaCon 2018?
Saturday September 8 2018 and Sunday September 9 2018

Where is Wrestling MediaCon 2018?
Bowlers Exhibition Centre, Longbridge Road, Manchester, M17 1EH

Who will appear at Wrestling MediaCon 2018?
Wrestling MediaCon 2018 will welcome a star-studded line-up of some of the biggest names in pro wrestling and pro wrestling media. The world’s biggest wrestling YouTubers, podcasters and personalities will be in attendance doing live shows, collaborations, Q&As, photo shoots and fan meet and greets.
We have many huge names to announce and here are the first to confirm attendance at Wrestling MediaCon 2018!

Sean Waltman from AfterBuzz TV
Former star of WWE, WCW and TNA best known as X-Pac, and now host of AfterBuzz TV – ‘the ESPN of TV talk’

Dave Meltzer
The editor of leading pro wrestling publication and vital source of inside information The Wrestling Observer and regarded by many as the most influential man in wrestling media history

Colt Cabana and The Art of Wrestling
One of the world’s biggest names and popular stars from independent wrestling and host of the acclaimed podcast The Art of Wrestling

Nick Aldis
The current NWA World Heavyweight Champion and former IMPACT World Heavyweight Champion.

Don Callis
Top commentator, manager, executive vice president of IMPACT Wrestling and one of the great minds in pro wrestling today from the Killing the Town podcast

Oli Davis and Luke Owen from Britain’s online wrestling media giant

The entire team from the wrestling digital media phenomenon including Adam, Ross, Jack and Sam

Findlay Martin
The highly knowledgeable wrestling author and writer best known as editor of the UK’s longest running wrestling magazine Power Slam

Maffew from Botchamania
The man behind the world famous on-line wrestling blooper series

Dave Lagana
Former WWE and TNA writer and current NWA producer

Joe Hendry
Pro wrestler, TV commentator, Commonwealth Games competitor and Twitch star

Patrick Lennon
The only wrestling journalist in the UK’s national press for 15 years as the writer of The Daily Star’s weekly Fighting Talk column, also known as a host of WrestleTalk TV on Challenge

PLUS Inside the Ropes, Wrestling Memes, Brian ‘The Influencer’ Zane from Wrestling with Wregret, Wrestling Shorts and many more!

Three arenas, two days, one roof
Wrestling MediaCon 2018 will be split into a Convention Arena, Live Stage Arena and Wrestling Arena.

Our huge Convention Arena will contain meet and greets and vendor stalls
Our Live Stage Arena will host live Q&As with our guests and live podcasts throughout the weekend.

And the Wrestling Arena will host full LIVE wrestling shows from:

Impact Wrestling who will return to the UK for the first time in almost three years LIVE and EXCLUSIVE at Wrestling MediaCon on Sunday, September 9.

IMPACT Wrestling is one of the world’s largest wrestling entertainment properties, creating more than 200 hours of original content annually across television and other digital platforms. IMPACT Wrestling specializes in events, products, merchandise and music, as well as the management and promotion of professional wrestlers. The roster features such greats as Austin Aries, Johnny Impact, Eli Drake, Moose, Eddie Edwards, Sami Callihan, Brian Cage, Pentagon Jr., Fenix, the high-flying X-Division, plus the lovely and lethal Knockouts, including Allie, Rosemary, Taya Valkyrie, Su Yung and Tessa Blanchard. Its highly successful flagship, IMPACT!, broadcasts in more than 120 countries around the world, including Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Pop (a joint venture of CBS Corporation and Lionsgate) in the United States, Fight Network and GameTV in Canada, Sony ESPN in India, 5Spike in the United Kingdom, SuperSport in Africa and ranFIGHTING in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. IMPACT Wrestling also streams a 24-hour channel on and is a top 10 sports video producer on YouTube with over 1.4 million subscribers, 36 million monthly views and 1.2 billion all-time views. IMPACT Wrestling’s parent company Anthem Sports & Entertainment Corp. launched the Global Wrestling Network (GWN) app in October 2017, showcasing over 3,000 hours of library programming and content from leading independent professional wrestling organizations around the world.

Revolution Pro Wrestling from the UK who will present an incredible two-day tournament on Saturday, September 8 and Sunday, September 9

There will also be LIVE regular wrestling matches during the weekend from:

One of the most historic names in worldwide professional wrestling will bring its critically acclaimed Ten Pounds of Gold series to Wrestling MediaCon 2018 to document the National Wrestling Alliance’s stars, fans and moments and will also present a special 30-minute show carrying forward the story, legacy and history of the NWA

Europe’s most televised wrestling brand with a worldwide TV show aired in 34 countries will be recording content for its brand new YouTube channel LIVE at Wrestling MediaCon 2018

Defiant Wrestling
Formerly known as WCPW, Europe’s biggest YouTube wrestling promotion and the world’s fastest growing online wrestling brand will present matches on both days of Wrestling MediaCon 2018

How to be part of Wrestling MediaCon 2018
To buy tickets and for more information visit

Prices start at £22.50 for a standard one-day ticket with two-day tickets, gold and platinum VIP packages also available.

Tickets are also available from

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Impact Wrestling issues open challenge to any UK promotion

IMPACT Wrestling has issued a blockbuster open challenge to any UK wrestling promotion to face them in an inter-promotional series at Wrestling MediaCon 2018.
Ed Nordholm, the President of IMPACT Wrestling, made the challenge today, just 24 hours before tickets go on sale for IMPACT’s huge return to the UK at the biggest wrestling fan convention ever to hit British shores.

IMPACT will put on a full show on Sunday, September 9 as part of MediaCon in Manchester and its stars want to face the best of British to find out who is the best.

“Since we last came to the UK almost three years ago, we have seen how much the UK wrestling scene has evolved,” said Nordholm.

“We are excited to return to the UK to demonstrate that IMPACT Wrestling has the best talent anywhere in the world, so we’re issuing an open challenge to any UK promotion to bring their best wrestlers to face the very best from IMPACT Wrestling on September 9 in Manchester.”

The organisers of Wrestling MediaCon 2018 said they are excited by the prospect of IMPACT Wrestling taking on a UK promotion.

“There are many fantastic UK promotions out there and we are expecting a lot of interest in this challenge from IMPACT Wrestling,” said a Wrestling MediaCon spokesman.

“We are committed to finding the best possible competition for the stars of IMPACT Wrestling in order to showcase the UK wrestling scene in the best possible light.”

Any UK promotions interested in accepting IMPACT Wrestling’s challenge are invited to contact Wrestling MediaCon at

Tickets for IMPACT Wrestling live at Wrestling MediaCon 2018 will go on sale at 10am UK time on Friday, May 25 from Ringside World at

For more information, visit and

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NORTH Wrestling / NCL.10 / A New Error

It feels like only yesterday that Andrew Bowers and I sat down for a pint and discussed his upcoming first show ‘Brace Yourself’. At the time I remember loving his enthusiasm, being impressed by his plans (I loved the idea of a Championship cape) but being slightly concerned by the venue as at the time i had never been to an enjoyable show at The Riverside. Nearly two years after that first meeting and Andrew is ready to put on his tenth show and I have now attended nine very enjoyable shows at The Riverside. Continue reading

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Scott Steiner Conference Call

Very few people in wrestling can boast to have won championships in major promotions in four different decades, Scott Steiner (aka ‘The Big Bad Booty Daddy’, aka ‘Big Poppa Pump, aka ‘The Genetic Freak’) is one of the few. Steiner started his professional career in 1986 following impressing in amateur wrestling in college and by 1989 Steiner was an NWA World Tag Team champion alongside his brother Rick. The Steiners went on to become on of the best tag teams of all time and are one of few teams to have help the tag team gold in WCW, IWGP and WWF then after an unceremonious split from his brother Scott showed off his talents as a singles competitor with multiple WCW Television, United States and World Championship reigns between 1999 and 2002. After WWE bought up WCW Steiner had a short stint in the company (more on that below) before leaving and wrestling on the independent scene and for TNA, now Impact Wrestling. Without a doubt Steiner is one of the most influential, fascinating and controversial wrestlers of all time and we are incredibly thankful to Impact Wrestling for giving us the chance to speak to him ahead of their Redemption PPV. At Redemption Steiner and his tag team partner Eli Drake bested LAX to become the Impact Wrestling World Tag Team champions. As a lot of you might have expected Steiner started off in a pretty angry mood after the call started a couple of minutes late but thankfully he quickly calmed down and we were able to get an insight into the mind of a living legend. The whole call is available on TNA’s Facebook page but here are our questions followed by what we deemed the best of the rest.

Neil Rogers – You have had a hugely successful and lengthy career, what do you look at as your proudest moment?
Scott Steiner – I would have to say that any time you win a world title whether it’s the tag titles or individually that’s something to be proud of. Also if you set a record like an attendance record where it’s unlikely to be broken like over in Pyongyang North Korea where we had 193,000 people 3 nights in a row [Wikipedia says this was 165,000 on day one then 190,000 on day two, it has no note of a day 3, not sure how you want this to be recorded so adding this info here for your editorial decision]. Vince can lie about his numbers all he wants for all his Wrestlemania’s and pad them all he wants but that’s one number he’s never going to break. I’ve watched all these documentaries about back in the Pontiac Silverdome how it was packed at 93,000, it was packed alright but it wasn’t 93,000. Vince rules the wrestling world but there are records that won’t be broken.
NR – Is there anything you had wished you had achieved in your career but you hadn’t? Is there anyone you wish you had wrestled or any championships that you didn’t manage to hold?
SS – Yeah when I first went up to WWE in 2003 they asked me who I wanted to wrestle and I said I want to go against the Rock, at the time he was the best they had but unfortunately that didn’t turn out, that’s probably my only regret. Rock is a good guy and a great entertainer, I thought we could have done great things together.
NR – You were always known as an innovator with your moves you invented the Frankensteiner that you mentioned earlier, is there anyone around at the moment who you admire because of the moves that they create?
SS – You know there’s Mysterio, I’m good friends with Rey and he does a variation of the Frankensteiner but there is a lot of good talent out there, it’s hard coming up with new moves that people haven’t done before. I wouldn’t say it was easier back then but when I did a Frankensteiner or bulldog off the top rope or Steiner screwdriver those were moves that had never been done before so its hard to come up with new moves because everyone has pushed the innovation button to the max but there are a lot of guys who mix and match moves and different variations to make it exciting so there’s a lot of guys out there that I have great matches with and put on a great display of athletic competition.
NR – Is there anything in your career that if you had the chance to do again differently you would change?
SS – Yeah not go up to WWF in 1993, it was the worst mistake I’ve ever made, and it was a timing thing and probably the worst time to be up there. That was the first glimpse that I got of Mr McMahon being a liar

Here’s the best of the rest of the conference call:

Joey Mills from the Sport Bible.
You have been a star in every major organisation in pro wrestling over the years, what do you think is the key to your longevity and how you have managed to stay at the top for so long?
SS – I’ve trained throughout my career, before I was in professional wrestling I was in amateur wrestling and the first year I got to train with the guy who was wrestling with the first guy to win gold medal in Greco Roman so that was my introduction to being a collage wrestler and I trained with him for 5 years so that really made me afraid of no one. If I could train with an Olympic champion one of the best ever in the world I knew the sky was the limit. I’ve never really taken a day off training and that’s really the key to everything, the one thing I wish I could do more of is stretch but they don’t call me the big bad booty daddy for nothing.
Stephanie from UK Magazine
Just wanted to ask you a simple question, in 35 years of your career what motivates you to continue and keep punching people?
Well punching people has always really been my motivation I don’t know why but for some reason a lot of people piss me off so there’s great pleasure in punching people. Other than that I also love wrestling in front of a crowd there’s no rush like it. That’s really my motivation the love of the wrestling and the love to knock someone’s teeth down their throat.
Harry from NBC Sports Radio 24/7
You have already had an illustrious career in pro wrestling and now you are poised to challenge for the Impact tag team championships with Eli Drake at Redemption this Sunday, could you break down the mathematical probability of LAX defeating you?
SS – You would be surprised at the amount of people who want me to do a vast equation of why I want to be somebody. A mathematical summation of how I am going to do it and actually I haven’t thought about that, actually percentages wise but from here till Sunday I’ll look at the chances of two Mexican Americans having a chance against me and Eli but I can’t come up with a percentage thing right now.
Harry – Real quick how does that feel to be your most infamous promo?
SS – That does get a lot of air time I wouldn’t say its my most recent but there’s been a lot that people like but its great I actually went over to Ireland in the UK and the guys that brought me over had that whole equation on the screen and it made the people laugh but it made sense to me.
An email question from Dave Clay and he asks what fatass surprised you with his toughness in your career?
SS – I have wrestled a lot of fatass and you would be surprised at how tough some of these guys are too it’s like stealing sugar from a fat man is pretty hard to do. I think they have toughness and a tolerance, you can’t push a fat man away from the TV and his banquet dinner it’s hard. They have usually been physically and mentally abused because they are fat and believe it or not as crazy as it sounds most guys don’t like to be called a fatass. Are you kidding me I call a fat guy a fatass which immediately gets him upset and makes him harder to beat but there aint no fatass going to hang and go one on one with the genetic freak.
John Corigan from the Wrestling Estate
It’s 2018 and you are the talk of the wrestling world right not heading into Redemption. Did you ever see yourself wrestling this long and being on top for this long?
No I never really did but the strange thing about it when WCW closed I actually retired then and you would be surprised at how bored you get but there is something about wrestling and wrestling in front of crowds of people and meeting the fans that is addicting really and the love of wrestling keeps me going. When I was young I said I would retire early but what do you do to replace that excitement that’s the whole deal how do you replace that rush? To answer your question no I never thought I would still be wrestling but I’m doing it out of love for the sport. I’m surprised as much as everyone else but people still want to see me, it seems crazy that nothing goes out of style. I can’t predict what I’m going to do next, it’s as much a surprise to me as to everyone else. When I get into wrestling it’s the only time that I am really free, free from assault charges, you can beat anyone up you know.
Greg Oliver from Slam Wrestling
You’ve been wrestling a long time as you have just talked about, how has the in ring story telling changed or has it?
SS – I’m still trying to wrestle the way I have always wrestled which is go up there and give it everything I have, try and be the best match on the card excite the crowd and in the process beat someone up.
Riju from Sports India
So you are known for cutting some of the most entertaining unscripted promos do you think that the over scripting of promos is killing the business these days?
SS – Oh yeah it’s some of the worst shit you can do to discourage somebodies creative ways they want to express their character or who they are so for the idiots who script interviews is a travesty, you’re basically just having cookie cutter characters. Thing is that fans recognise that, people do not want to see scripted interviews but that’s the way they control the wrestlers nowadays. If they can’t see that they are killing it then they are idiots.
Sean Rossap of
I wanted to ask you Brian Cage uses the old Steiner screwdriver, your old move that you used throughout your career what do you think of him using that move? Have you seen him use it and if so what do you think of it?
SS – No I’ve never actually seen his version but how many people have copied my moves over the years? The Frankensteiner they call it a Hurricanrunner but it’s a Frankensteiner, people have copied my moves throughout my career but imitation is the best form of flattery. Brian Cage is actually a good guy he looks great and I put him as one of the guys in TNA that’s making a big impact. Hopefully he keeps on training and working on his wrestling and becomes one of those guys that’s the best in the business because he has that potential.
Andrea Cordial from Wrestling with
Whether it’s Big Poppa Pump or Scotty and Rick Steiner, no matter how you slice it you are easily a first ballot hall of famer no matter what the company. Would you accept an invite to be the next member of the Impact hall of fame later this year if it was offered to you and even your brother Rick?
SS – I had never even thought about that, I would have to think about that. I’m already in two halls of fame the hall of fame in Michigan and the Dan Gable Hall of Fame which to me is one of the highest honours you can have in being in anything associated with Dan Gable. They have a museum hall of fame where you can actually go visit an actual concreate building, you can actually go to fucking town and go visit the hall of fame not like this bullshit that WWE has with some imaginary place where it doesn’t exist. They have these busts of wrestlers why the fuck do they make busts of people where they can’t put it anywhere, it goes back to a place somewhere except for the Macho Man one that goes back to Stephanie McMahon’s bedroom and Rick Flair goes into Triple H’s, it’s all a bunch of bullshit. See now you’ve pissed me off with that question.
Gary P – Email question
Would you have ever considered a shot with Mixed Martial Arts?
SS – I never really thought about it at the time because when I came out of college that wasn’t really an option. There are guys that I have wrestled in college like Don Fry he was a huge champion and I beat him in college. When I was in Michigan Mark Holman transferred to Ohio state and they are both good guys but it wasn’t really an option plus my brother was already in wrestling for two years and that’s one thing I really wanted to do was wrestle my brother but that’s a hard way to make a living man.
Big Ray from one
Was there ever a time you were in the ring with someone and you said to yourself if this was a shoot this guy might give me a little bit of a problem? Who were some of the toughest guys you ever faced in the ring in a shoot would give you a problem?
SS – I’ve wrestled everybody but I’ve never gotten into a situation where it’s a problem, I’ve wrestled some of the biggest guys. Let me put it this way wrestling is a tough way to make a living so everybody who is in wrestling is pretty tough in their own right but you hear these stories of those who were tough in their own right like Haku, Barbarian, Kevin Nash shit Kevin Nash is seven foot tall how are you going to fight a guy like that but it never got to that point. Look at MMA most of the champions there have at some point been trained in wrestling but unless you have trained in wrestling you have no idea what you are doing but it never got down to fuck you lets go so its hard for me to say.
Email question from legendary Joseph.
If you could pick an opponent for a dream match who would it be?
SS – Like I said I’ve wrestled almost everybody so the only one that could be a dream was the Rock because he was the one guy I never got to wrestle. We were doing Nitro and beating RAW but you still were taping the other shows to see how the other company was doing. Stone Cold did his stuff which was cool and the Rock did his stuff. I would have to say Stone Cold or the Rock, even though I wrestled Steve Austin in WCW and I think our characters would match up well both doing interviews and in the ring.

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ICW: Fight Club, live in Newcastle, 15/04/18

This Sunday at the Insane Champion Wrestling return to Newcastle for the first time in 2018 for ICW: Jimmy Nail’s Revenge II – The Revenge Of Jimmy Nail! ICW: Fight Club. This is the company’s last stop before their annual Barramania supershow. Their last Newcastle show, from September 2017, was one of the best shows I have attended and this one is shaping up to be equally brilliant. Continue reading

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NORTH Wrestling / NCL.9/ Let The Cannons Fly – Riverside Newcastle,10/03/18

Less than two months after running their biggest show NORTH Wrestling are returning to the Riverside next Saturday for NCL.9 / Let The Cannons Fly. This show is of course the follow up show from NCL.8 / I’m Tapped which is arguably the best show NORTH have held in their almost two year history, new performers debuted, old stars returned and of course there were some fantastic matches.

So without further ado let’s preview Let The Cannons Fly.
Continue reading

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Joseph Biggs

Credit to Chris Searle for the photograph

Name: Joseph Biggs Continue reading

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